Thoughts on Adulting + How I’m Failing At It

I’m going to warn you from now, this is going to be a chatty post.

2017 has been such a weird year for me, mostly because it’s a year full of changes. I ended 2016 graduating college and started the new year with absolutely no clue on what the year has in store for me. It’s already April and I’m still unsure where I’m going to end up by the end of the year. These past few months have been filled with me working, looking for a better-paying job (which feels like a job itself), applying to grad school/scholarships, and beating myself up for not being better at everything.

Here’s the thing, I have no idea what I’m doing. All I know is there’s somewhere I want to be and getting from here to there requires money, which requires time, which can be difficult to come by. Time is such a tricky thing. I have more of it since I don’t have classes or homework anymore, but now it’s harder to manage. I thought that once I graduated I would find a decent paying, full-time job to save up for grad school and any extra time I’d have would be spent reading and blogging. My mom warned me that it wouldn’t be so easy and she was right, so now I’m here, literally re-evaluating all my past decisions and analyzing my future ones.

There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by since I learned of my acceptance to my top choice grad program, where I’ve internally battled on whether or not I should go. Everything in me screams that I should go, that I could make it work…somehow. Do I jump? Or do I wait and see if the opportunity will present itself at a better time? Honestly I’m so conflicted, only time will tell.

Being a young adult is honestly the weirdest thing because some of your peers are already great at it and some aren’t. I’m excited (and scared) to see where my 20s will take me and hope that, in the end, everything will work out and I’ll be happy.

Ana Talks: Physical Books vs E-Books

A lot of people have been discussing their opinions on what format of book they prefer, so I decided to join the discussion for a couple reasons. The first reason is to explain why I ask for physical copies in my review policy. The second is to see if anyone else have the same opinions as I do.

Well, as I stated above- I prefer physical copies of books over e-versions. There’s just something so satisfying in being able to hold the book in your hand and to flip the pages, and to be able to highlight or underline or scribble in the margins. I mean I haven’t written in many books, but I like having the option. Yes, I can basically hear people yelling that with e-copies I can highlight and underline and some have the feature where it looks like the page is flipping- but it’s not the same. At least not for me.

A lot of people argue that with e-copies of books you can bring an entire library with you whenever you go on vacation or a short trip. You have a good point there, but it doesn’t really apply to me because I hardly ever go on vacation and when I do I’m usually too busy enjoying time with my family to be reading an entire library of books.

Here’s the number one reason why I have a difficult time reading e-books: if I do read them, I read them off of my phone. I do not have a Kindle or Nook or any type of e-reader except for the Kindle and iBooks app on my phone. Why does this matter? I’m a 17 year old social media addict. If I get to a boring part I will go on Instagram or Twitter and next thing you know I forgot all about the book. It takes me months to read a book on my phone that will usually take me a few days or a week. With a physical copy of a book I can just leave my phone in one room and read in another, that way I can concentrate on the book only.

Also, my mom likes to take away my phone….for entire days. No, I’m not being punished, sometimes she does it because I’m suppose to be doing homework or studying so she takes it away so I won’t be tempted. Other times, like yesterday, she takes it away just because she doesn’t want me to be on social media. When this happens (which it does often) I am left bookless and bored.

So that’s why I don’t like e-books. I mean I will read them if that’s the only possible way, but it will take me forever. If you are reading this because you were directed here by my review policy, please know this. If an author wants me to read and review his or her book in a timely fashion it will be best for both of us if you sent a physical copy!

What are your thoughts? Let’s discuss below (: