Scream Queens Saturday // Chainsaw, Haunted House, Pumpkin Patch

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Hello everyone and welcome to Scream Queens Saturday! This is a weekly post where I will be sharing my thoughts and predictions of Fox’s latest show Scream Queens. If you’re a fellow Screamer please feel free to leave comments with any thoughts or theories you have as well!

Unfortunately I haven’t been keeping up with Scream Queens Saturday for the past two weeks- but I’m back now (: For this post I’m going to do a quick run down of what has happened in the past three episodes as well as discuss my thoughts and theories. However, for the upcoming weeks I’m thinking of shaking things up a little and start doing character profiles and maybe even a ‘deep analysis’ of a certain scene- what do you guys think?

Some of the major discoveries that were made are:

♦ There are two Red Devils

♦ Gigi is the Hag of Shady Lane

♦ Gigi is also an ally of the Red Devil

♦ Chanel #5 is beginning to stray from the Chanels

♦ Hester aka Chanel #6 is plotting to ‘take over’ Chanel’s life, including her boyfriend and title as president of KKT

♦ Denise believes that Zayday is the killer

I have to admit, at this point the only thing I was right about was the fact that there was more than one red devil. There has been so many unexpected twists and turns that I no longer know what to expect anymore- I can only assume that people are either going to be killed or betrayed.

I guess the only thing I can guess is that Boone is somehow involved with the red devils, if he isn’t one himself. I also believe that Gigi is smarter than she acts and is also involved- but I don’t think she puts on the suit herself. It’s so frustrating not having any idea what’s going to happen next or who is going to die, but it does keep me on my toes!

What do you guys think of the past three episodes? Any theories? Please comment any thoughts below (:

Scream Queens Saturday // Pilot – ‘Hell Week’

Scream Queens

Hello everyone and welcome to Scream Queens Saturday! This is a weekly post where I will be sharing my thoughts and predictions of Fox’s latest show Scream Queens. If you’re a fellow Screamer please feel free to leave comments with any thoughts or theories you have as well!

*I know today isn’t Saturday but for the sake of this post lets transport back in time and act like it is 😉 *

This past Tuesday, September 22nd, I rushed to do all of my homework and chores so I can watch the two hour premiere of Scream Queens live (which is super rare since I literally record everything). As you can see in my previous post, I have been anticipating this series for months! You can only imagine my excitement when the show started, I think I might have squealed…

As much as I’d love to go over every single detail of the premiere I’m just going to go over my ‘experience’ watching the show as well as my overall thoughts, favorite scenes and characters, and theories for upcoming episodes.

While watching the show, I was live tweeting (which is so much harder than I’d thought it would be, how do people do it?!), live texting my friend Tiff, and talking to my sister- who was watching the show with me. After the show I thought it’d be fun to ask them what were their favorite scenes and theories, here’s what they said:

Favorite Scene

Tiff: When Chanel #2 (played by Ariana Grande) was being killed by the Red Devil; the exaggerations were hilarious

Bianca: The blood oath scene with all the Chanels because it was funny and because of the reference to Odin and Loki in Norse mythology

Favorite Character(s)

Tiff: Boone (played by Nick Jonas) and Zayday (played by Keke Palmer)

Bianca: It’s too soon to pick one


Tiff: Boone and the Red Devil are going to become a thing; the Red Devil could be Grace’s dad trying to get revenge on KKT for letting his girlfriend die in the bathtub (which leads to another theory that the woman who died was Grace’s mom) and because he wants to protect his daughter- she thinks this because the Red Devil had a chance to kill Grace but didn’t

Bianca: The Red Devil is more than one person and Gigi might be one of them because she still helps out with KKT and is keeping the Chanels close by. She also thinks that Pete will *eventually* die

Okay so my turn! Where do I even begin?! Scream Queens was everything I love in a TV show wrapped with a cute, bloody bow. It was hilarious, suspenseful, and full of mystery- the writers did an excellent job balancing the satire with the horrifying plot line. At first I was concerned that the satire was going to be a bit too over the top, but those fears were murdered ten minutes into the show, it was excellent! So props to the writers, I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

In my first post I included my theory that I based solely on the trailers and YouTube content I’ve seen. Although my theory that Grace’s mom was the girl who died in the bathtub wasn’t proven, it was strengthened by the fact that this mystery girl gave birth before dying. Another theory I had, although I didn’t include this in my post, was that Chanel #2 aka Ariana Grande was going to be the first to die. Which wasn’t 100% true but she was the first Kappa to die, so I was close! However this theory was solely based on the fact that she’s currently working on an album and was touring at the time they were filming so I figured she didn’t have time to be in every episode 😛

To continue with the little theme I started- my favorite scene has to be when Chanel Oberlin (played by Emma Roberts) made a scene at the campus’s coffee shop when the barista, Pete (played by Diego Boneta), questioned her order for a ridiculous pumpkin spice latte order. I couldn’t stop laughing! I think that my favorite character at the moment is Chanel, I find her both fascinating and hilarious.

In the next episode I think they are going to confirm that Grace’s mom is the person that died in the bathtub. I think we’re going to uncover some more lethal secrets and I think that the Asian girl (can’t remember her name :/) is going to die next.

As for the Red Devil? I agree with my sister, I think that more than one person is the Red Devil and (like Tiff) I believe that Boone is in on it- especially since he wanted to join KKT. I also have this very far fetched idea that could be the perfect plot twist but is highly unlikely. I think that the Red Devil could be Grace’s mom (see: the woman who died), since Boone’s character didn’t really die I’m really suspicious of the death of the girl in the bathtub. Maybe she is super angry at KKT for abandoning her when she needed help and that anger was refueled when she noticed that her daughter wanted to pledge there. What better way to prevent people from hurting your daughter then killing them? I know it’s far fetched, but if you REALLY think about it it’s possible! It will explain why the dean helped ‘hide’ the murder and why she’s suddenly trying to exterminate the sorority…

Okay that’s going to be all for today, I really wish I could’ve dove further into the details but this post is long enough as is! Please let me know what your thoughts were on the first episodes (: Until then scream on!

TV Talk: Scream Queens

scream queens cast


Yes, you read the title right! I am finally expanding my blog to discuss non-book related things such as TV shows. From now on I will be sharing my latest TV show obsessions, Netflix binges, and any other TV related fixations here and it all starts with my over-excitement for Scream Queens!

Warning: This post is going to longer than average!

As soon as I saw the teaser for this show a few months ago I became instantly obsessed. For those who haven’t heard- Scream Queens is about a sorority with a lethal secret that has been kept quiet for over 20 years. However things begin to quickly change after the dean of the school (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) orders the current sorority girls to accept anyone who wish to join and all of a sudden a string of murders are committed. No one is safe and everyone is a suspect.


The cast have described the show as a horror comedy, with an emphasis on comedy, and I’m very excited to see how the writers play it all out. It’s either going to be a disaster or genius, let’s hope for the latter.


♥ The show premieres September 22nd and will be two glorious hours long, my goal is to watch the first episode live and then make a post with my thoughts, predictions, and any other comments I may have.

♥ Every week afterwards I will probably record the show and watch it later on, however I do not want to hoard all the episodes so I will aim to watch them before that Monday.

♥ I will post weekly about my thoughts and predictions for the show as a mini series on my blog. I’m toying with the name ‘Scream Queen Saturday’.

the cast


I am absolutely and irrevocably in love with the cast of the show! It’s basically an all star cast and everyone is extremely talented in acting, as well as singing. Which makes me wonder if there will be any singing…

Anyways here’s a quick glimpse of who’s on the show:

♥ Emma Roberts                                 ♥ Keke Palmer

♥ Jamie Lee Curtis                              ♥ Abigail Breslin

♥ Skyler Samuels                                 ♥ Ariana Grande

♥ Lea Michelle                                     ♥ Nick Jonas

Of course there are plenty more people on the cast, but for the sake of this post I shortened it to my personal favorites actors (:


Obviously there isn’t much to go by as of right now but I do have a theory as to why the murders begin at that specific time. At the beginning of the trailer there is a clip showing the firsts mysterious death, presumably a murder. Later on Skyler Samuel’s character is:

  • Reassuring her dad that she was going to be okay when he asked her not join any sororities
  • Determined to rush into Kappa specifically
  • Mentions to a guy that she wants to join to ‘feel closer to her mother’ that died really young
  • Is actively looking around and trying to solve the mystery of the murders

It seems obvious to me that Samuel’s character’s mom is the one who died 20 years before, but then again the timing is kinda off since most people start college when they’re around 18.

I am so stoked for this series to kick off, until then- scream on!

Scream Queen Emma