Thoughts on Adulting + How I’m Failing At It

I’m going to warn you from now, this is going to be a chatty post.

2017 has been such a weird year for me, mostly because it’s a year full of changes. I ended 2016 graduating college and started the new year with absolutely no clue on what the year has in store for me. It’s already April and I’m still unsure where I’m going to end up by the end of the year. These past few months have been filled with me working, looking for a better-paying job (which feels like a job itself), applying to grad school/scholarships, and beating myself up for not being better at everything.

Here’s the thing, I have no idea what I’m doing. All I know is there’s somewhere I want to be and getting from here to there requires money, which requires time, which can be difficult to come by. Time is such a tricky thing. I have more of it since I don’t have classes or homework anymore, but now it’s harder to manage. I thought that once I graduated I would find a decent paying, full-time job to save up for grad school and any extra time I’d have would be spent reading and blogging. My mom warned me that it wouldn’t be so easy and she was right, so now I’m here, literally re-evaluating all my past decisions and analyzing my future ones.

There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by since I learned of my acceptance to my top choice grad program, where I’ve internally battled on whether or not I should go. Everything in me screams that I should go, that I could make it work…somehow. Do I jump? Or do I wait and see if the opportunity will present itself at a better time? Honestly I’m so conflicted, only time will tell.

Being a young adult is honestly the weirdest thing because some of your peers are already great at it and some aren’t. I’m excited (and scared) to see where my 20s will take me and hope that, in the end, everything will work out and I’ll be happy.

February 2017 Recap: Blogging Triumphs, Mishaps, and Discoveries


What’s on Repeat: Shape of You ¦ Despacito ¦ Chantaje

Did I complete my goals?

In my last recap, I listed my goals for the month of February. One of my main goals was to get on a blogging schedule and stick to it, which I kinda (?) did. I made an overly ambitious schedule that required me to post everyday and made a bank of post ideas to work on. This worked for the first 9 days, but I burnt out soon after resulting in an inconsistent schedule.

What I learned: While posting everyday did increase the number of views I received, it isn’t worth the burn-out and inconsistency. Also- I really need to work on a promotional schedule/system that doesn’t take me too long to set up because setting up Hootsuite did not help with my burn-out.

What now? After tweeting a poll, I discovered that most people prefer 2-3 posts a week.

What did I read/review?

Thief of Lies Goodreads Review (3 stars) ¦ Guardian of Secrets Review (4 stars)

Books I received for review:

The Princess and the Page via Christina Farley ¦ Garden of Thorns via Blog Tour/NetGalley ¦ Island of Exiles via EntangledTeen ¦ Off the Ice via EntangledTeen ¦ Secrets of a Reluctant Princess via EntangledTeen ¦ Ensnared via NetGalley ¦ Paper Hearts via NetGalley

 On the blog:

Discussions – 20 Things to do Before Turning 20 ¦ What is Minimalism? ¦ Guide on Who Can Make Political Comments ¦ Meeting Lin Manuel Miranda

Series/Tags – Netflix Book Tag ¦ TTT Books I Wish Had More Pages ¦ TTT Book Boyfriends I’d Spend Valentine’s Day With ¦ Sunday Smiles Intro + A Kitten

Promo – Starfall Book Blitz ¦ Guardian of Secrets Blog Tour

Community Posts:

It’s always important to spread the love! Here are a couple posts that I loved:

Jessica @ The Book Bratz convinced me to Help Bring a Bookstore to the Bronx (after my next paycheck!)

Alice @ Arctic Books put together a visually pleasing February Uppercase unboxing and review!

SERIESous Book Reviews created one of my favorite Perfect Match, ‘if you like this, then try this’, posts.

A Small Wardrobe wowed me with her minimalist One Week of OOTDs.

Looking Ahead:

Since I have many personal goals in March, I will be keeping my bookish goals to a minimum! I learned a lot in February and plan to apply this knowledge to the future.

  • Read all the books I was sent to review
    • This will be the hardest, but since I’m not currently watching any shows on Netflix I should be able to do it.
  • Post 2-3 times a week
    • I definitely do not want to burn out again!
  • Create an easy promotional plan
    • I want to start utilizing Pinterest on top of Twitter, but often find myself dreading scheduling tweets or taking pictures. My plan is to try out a couple of systems to see which one will ease the dread.
  • Write
    • Anything, please!

How was your February?

That Time When I Accidentally Saw Lin Manuel Miranda


That Time When I… is a series in which I reminisce on events, meetings, and awesome memories that I did not blog about in the past.

December 30th 2015 – The beginning of a new obsession.

Like a vast majority of the book community- I am absolutely in love with the soundtrack to the Broadway musical Hamilton! I love it so much that over the summer, I dragged my grandmother to stand in line for three hours for the #Ham4Ham show and to enter the lottery to win tickets.


When I ended up in New York a month earlier than planned, I knew that I had to try to see the Richard Rodgers theater- even though many of the original members had left. My grandmother made formal plans to go on my birthday (Aug 1st), but those plans changed when we went out one day to a street fair and realized how close we were.

I’d be lying if I said my heart didn’t skip a beat right before I turned the corner. I frantically FaceTimed my sister, who was back home in Florida, because I wanted us to see the theater for the first time together. We got to the street minutes before the 2pm showing, so the street was full of people waiting to get in. I tried to soak every detail in, but the sidewalk was so crazy I wasn’t able to stop and appreciate the sheer beauty of the theater. My grandmother and I decided to double back, but on the opposite side, so we could pause and soak in the moment. Which is when I snapped this picture.


Okay, fast forward to when I returned for the Ham4Ham show! My grandma and I got to the theater around 9 AM (even though the show didn’t start until 12) and we were probably 10th in line. The group of people in front of us were super friendly and often broke into song, which definitely helped the time fly by.

Almost an hour after we arrived, I was chatting with a couple of people when I hear a large gasp. No one else seemed to pay attention at first, but I turned around to see a car stopped in front of us (due to a red light) and the window was rolling down.

It was him.

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that at first I was unsure if I was seeing correctly. So I just stared. It wasn’t until everyone else started gasping and grabbing their phones a couple seconds later that my suspicions were confirmed. And I freaked out. Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator and original star of Hamilton, was right in front of me.

Please note that this is not my photo. A girl that I stood next to took it and shared it on twitter

Please note: this is not my photo. A girl that I stood next to took it and shared it on Twitter @alexryan.

I’m going to pause here to let you know that the entire time I was in New Jersey/New York, I constantly joked about how I was going to see Lin. You have no idea how surreal it was when I realized that I was actually seeing him! What were the chances? He was no longer performing in the play, so the chances of seeing him were so slim, but yet, it still happened!

He said hello and wished us all luck with the lottery before the light turned green and the driver drove away. I was over the moon and knew that even if I didn’t win tickets (spoiler: I didn’t), the experience was well worth it. He even tweeted about us:

After he left almost everyone around us immediately called their moms/best friends/fellow Hamilton nerds and shrieked about seeing Lin. It was glorious.

Skipping ahead a few hours and the lottery process began. We were given slips of paper to fill out and instructed on what we needed if we won the tickets. We quickly filled out the slips before rushing to get a good spot to watch the show. We watched the show where Shakespeare wrote Lin a diss-rap. Fun was had and I still have not gotten over the fact that I saw Lin-Manuel with my own two eyes!


And if that wasn’t enough to excite me, Anthony Ramos (who played John Laurens and Philip) also made an appearance!



Overall, August 3rd was probably the best day in 2016. I’ll never forget it ❤

Discussion: A Guide on Who Can and Cannot Make Political Comments


Lately there’s been a lot of confusion on Twitter on who’s allowed to make political comments. I feel like this is a super important topic and decided to create a guide to help those who aren’t sure if they’re allowed to comment on politics- whether it’s about Trump, Flint, DAPL, etc. This guide is formatted in a Q&A style for simplicity reasons.

Q: I’m a blogger, can I share my political views?


Q: I’m an author, can I share  my political views?


Q: I’m a celebrity, can I share my political views?


Q: I’m from a different country, can I share my political views?


Q: I’m a millennial, can I share my political views?


Q: I’m just now learning about politics, can I share my political views?


Q: I’m not a straight, white male, can I share my political views?


Q: I am a straight, white male, can I share my political views?


Q: I’m pro-life, can I share my political views?


Q: I’m pro-choice, can I share my political views?


Q: I am (literally anything), can I share my political views?


I hope this guide is extremely helpful for anyone who was confused! Remember- if someone doesn’t ‘fit’ into this guide you should definitely troll them on the internet and refer them to this guide. Happy tweeting!

Real talk: Everyone and anyone has the right to voice their opinion without having to face negative backlash. That’s the beauty of freedom of speech. We all have opinions and they all deserve to be heard and respected. Whoever you are and whatever you believe: You are important. Your voice is important. Don’t you ever let someone take that away from you!

As the wonderful Ellen DeGeneres always says, “Be kind to one another”.

Sunday Smiles: An Introduction + A Kitten


Hello and welcome to my very first Sunday Smiles post! With instantaneous access to media, it’s really easy to access world news. Unfortunately, most of this news is not positive and probably depressing. While I am a big advocate for staying informed and raising awareness, I also think it’s important to take a moment to find something positive and smile. Every Sunday I will share a quick story, gif, or video that made me smile to help you remember that there is still some positivity in the world! See you next Sunday.

New Blogging Schedule

This post is going to be short and sweet. I just wanted to announce that for the month of February I’m going to be trying out a structured blogging schedule to see if it’s something I want to continue in the future. As I mentioned in my January Recap, I want to start expanding my blog, so all through February I will be working on these new elements to see what works and what doesn’t.

Starting tomorrow, February 3rd, I will:

  • publish non-bookish posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
  • publish bookish posts on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
  • publish happy news on Sundays
  • aim to publish a book review a week
  • publish each post at 9 AM EST (as opposed to midnight)

I hope this month will give me some insight on what direction to take my blog in the future! Please feel free to share any opinions in the comments!

January 2017 Recap: Books, Posts, & Music (OH MY!)


This year I really want to revamp my blog by introducing new content and ‘series’, such as the monthly recap! I’ve seen these types of recaps floating around and decided to try it out.

Current Music Obsessions: Bad Things ¦ I don’t wanna live forever ¦ Chicago album

January has been quite an emotional ride for me- it marks my first month as a college graduate, America inaugurated a new president (yikes!), I worked my butt off working on an application to my dream grad program, and I began my journey to minimalism. January also (hopefully) marks the beginning of a new era on my blog! As I mentioned, this year I want to prioritize blogging and try to encompass all of my interests in one space. As the year progresses I hope to continue expanding on the variety of posts here.

But before we start looking into the future, lets take a quick look at what’s happened this past month!

What I read and reviewed:

Due to the fact that I’ve been focusing on my grad school application I was not able to read as much as I hoped. I read and finished The Hidden Oracle and A List of Cages. I am currently reading Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend.

A List of Cages by Robin Roe

Hyperion Reviews: Shadow Magic & The Hidden Oracle

Tags I completed:

I love tags and hope to complete more this year!

Bookish Resolutions Tag

Promotional Posts:

I’m so happy that I started signing up for more promotional posts. They’re really easy to put together and I love helping get the word out about new releases.

Cover Reveal: Black Bird of the Gallows

Till Death Trailer Reveal


I am over the moon excited about introducing lifestyle posts to my blog. It’ll definitely motivate me to blog more and keep me accountable!

30 Day Simplify Your Life Challenge (Announcement)

Journey to Minimalism: Set Your Intentions


It’s always fun to include creative posts to break up all the reviews, promo, and tags that can sometimes feel repetitive.

My Dream Crate: Creating the Ultimate Loot Crate Subscription Box

Community Posts:

Spread the love! Here are a couple of posts I loved from other bloggers that I wanted to share.

The Book Bratz discussed What Blogging in College is Really Like (I also contributed to this post!)

Growing-Up Booknerd shared her experience seeing Harry Potter & the Cursed Child

The Writing Duo introduced a new series called What’s on my Night Table

A Small Wardrobe discussed Minimalism and Adapting Your Space

Looking Ahead:

In the month of February I hope to:

  • establish a schedule that assigns certain days to lifestyle posts and bookish posts- that way you guys know what to expect when!
  • read 3 books
  • get back to writing
  • continue my ‘journey to minimalism’ posts
  • publish some discussion posts

What are your goals for February?