That Time When I Accidentally Saw Lin Manuel Miranda

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That Time When I… is a series in which I reminisce on events, meetings, and awesome memories that I did not blog about in the past.

December 30th 2015 – The beginning of a new obsession.

Like a vast majority of the book community- I am absolutely in love with the soundtrack to the Broadway musical Hamilton! I love it so much that over the summer, I dragged my grandmother to stand in line for three hours for the #Ham4Ham show and to enter the lottery to win tickets.


When I ended up in New York a month earlier than planned, I knew that I had to try to see the Richard Rodgers theater- even though many of the original members had left. My grandmother made formal plans to go on my birthday (Aug 1st), but those plans changed when we went out one day to a street fair and realized how close we were.

I’d be lying if I said my heart didn’t skip a beat right before I turned the corner. I frantically FaceTimed my sister, who was back home in Florida, because I wanted us to see the theater for the first time together. We got to the street minutes before the 2pm showing, so the street was full of people waiting to get in. I tried to soak every detail in, but the sidewalk was so crazy I wasn’t able to stop and appreciate the sheer beauty of the theater. My grandmother and I decided to double back, but on the opposite side, so we could pause and soak in the moment. Which is when I snapped this picture.


Okay, fast forward to when I returned for the Ham4Ham show! My grandma and I got to the theater around 9 AM (even though the show didn’t start until 12) and we were probably 10th in line. The group of people in front of us were super friendly and often broke into song, which definitely helped the time fly by.

Almost an hour after we arrived, I was chatting with a couple of people when I hear a large gasp. No one else seemed to pay attention at first, but I turned around to see a car stopped in front of us (due to a red light) and the window was rolling down.

It was him.

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that at first I was unsure if I was seeing correctly. So I just stared. It wasn’t until everyone else started gasping and grabbing their phones a couple seconds later that my suspicions were confirmed. And I freaked out. Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator and original star of Hamilton, was right in front of me.

Please note that this is not my photo. A girl that I stood next to took it and shared it on twitter
Please note: this is not my photo. A girl that I stood next to took it and shared it on Twitter @alexryan.

I’m going to pause here to let you know that the entire time I was in New Jersey/New York, I constantly joked about how I was going to see Lin. You have no idea how surreal it was when I realized that I was actually seeing him! What were the chances? He was no longer performing in the play, so the chances of seeing him were so slim, but yet, it still happened!

He said hello and wished us all luck with the lottery before the light turned green and the driver drove away. I was over the moon and knew that even if I didn’t win tickets (spoiler: I didn’t), the experience was well worth it. He even tweeted about us:

After he left almost everyone around us immediately called their moms/best friends/fellow Hamilton nerds and shrieked about seeing Lin. It was glorious.

Skipping ahead a few hours and the lottery process began. We were given slips of paper to fill out and instructed on what we needed if we won the tickets. We quickly filled out the slips before rushing to get a good spot to watch the show. We watched the show where Shakespeare wrote Lin a diss-rap. Fun was had and I still have not gotten over the fact that I saw Lin-Manuel with my own two eyes!


And if that wasn’t enough to excite me, Anthony Ramos (who played John Laurens and Philip) also made an appearance!



Overall, August 3rd was probably the best day in 2016. I’ll never forget it <3

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