Shop Feature: Mockinbae on RedBubble!

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Today’s post is different than my usual posts for a very exciting reason, I will be featuring a shop for the first time! If you are not aware- RedBubble is an online shop where designers upload their work for people to buy. You can purchase these designs as phone cases, pillows, shirts, stickers and so much more courtesy of RedBubble! It is an amazing website full of creative designers and today I will be featuring Mockinbae! Mockinbae is a fairly new shop that opened November of 2015. The designer behind the shop, Brianna, creates fandom designs and shares her photography for people to buy. She’s extremely talented!


Brianna has graciously agreed to share her favorite designs on her shop as well as talk briefly on her origin story! So be sure to check out her shop and purchase anything that catches your eye!


I started my Redbubble because I liked editing and wanted to see if I could create things other people wanted. I mainly started with Scream Queen quotes because that was a current obsession, but I also started to post more nerd related stuff like Percy Jackson, and The Hunger Games. It’s really fun to continually challenge myself and see where I can go next with this shop. Right now I’m putting my drawing and photography skills to the test. I’m really excited to see this shop grow as I begin to hone my skills more. I hope more people will enjoy my work as I continue (:


You can find Brianna on Instagram and Twitter!


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