Five Books/Series You NEED to Read

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I don’t think I’ve ever made a post dedicated to recommending books so I decided to change that! Here is a list of 5 books and or series that needs more love and everyone should read. Please note that these aren’t in any particular order (:

megan duke books


Anything by Megan Duke, but since her Mind Breakers series is currently on hold you should definitely read her Small Circles books! Great for fans of contemporary, these books follow teens’ lives as they experience high school and college. The characters are very developed and the issues they face are extremely realistic. I absolutely adore these books and wish that I had enough money to buy everyone copies! Click here to add her books on Goodreads!


The Secret Diamond Sisters series!

Michelle Madow creates a story where three sisters discover that their father is the billionaire Las Vegas hotel owner. Their worlds are turned upside down when they move into the hotel, start a new school, and try to adapt to the new lifestyle. This series is often compared to Gossip Girl. I love the drama and  how easy it is to fall into the girls’ world. This will always be something I recommend!


anomaly Anomaly

This one is for all of my sci-fi lovers! I think this book is best read knowing very little about it, but I will tell you that there is fighting, swoon worthy boys, and an interesting take on bending reality! This book was action packed and incredibly funny at times and it breaks my heart that SO FEW people have heard of it. This is another novel that I would love to buy for all of my friends to read because it’s THAT GOOD.

Also- the author is currently working on its sequel so pick this one up soon.



this raging lightThis Raging Light

Another contemporary! This one is a recent discovery for me and I immediately fell in love with this beautiful story. I just recently ‘penned’ an open letter to the author on my blog because the book helped me put my life into perspective. Again, it’s best that you don’t know much going into the book so you can experience everything with the character, but just know that it’s about a girl that is at a lost of what to do with her life when certain situations take place. READ IT.


fragile facade Fragile Facade

This is an edge of your seat type mystery where every turn leaves you even more mystified than before! Lark Kingsley is a rich girl with a secret who suddenly goes missing, Raven Ferragamo is a girl trying to start over. Raven suddenly finds herself in the middle of investigating Lark’s disappearance while trying to get a job. It’s well written and extremely suspenseful!

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