Ana Talks: The Best Year of My Life

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It’s funny how life goes by in an instant but drags on at the same time. Ever since I started middle school I’ve experienced this strange phenomenon of my life going by so quickly, but not fast enough. It’s hard to describe, but sitting here, a few days into 2016, I am once again overcome with this strange feeling.

2015 is one, if not THE, best year of my life. It was my year. It was the year of highs and lows, I realized my dream and began working towards it! But I also had my heart broken in the way that made me ugly cry myself to sleep for three days straight. I accomplished things that haven’t been done in my family before, made new friends, and learned so much. I traveled, I laughed, I cried, but most importantly- I learned.

I really wish I can go through the year in detail and recount every important event but I’d never finish writing this post, so I’ll just briefly go through the months!


  • On the very first day of the year I met up with my blogger friend Jaclyn fromIMG_4323 Living in a World of Book Quotes for the first time! It was so awesome to see her in person and we had a lot of fun talking about all the bookish things while sipping on some Starbucks.


  • On my mom’s birthday I received two college acceptance letters offering pretty awesome scholarships. One of them was to my top choice school and I literally cried
    tears of joy! It was the best feeling (:
  • Towards the end of the month my aunt drove me three hours to go to an awesome event on the other side of Florida! It was my first multi-author event that I attended and I had so much fun, I did a recap for it, it’s actually one of my most viewed posts on this blog <3


  • Nothing major sticks out in my mind for these months, but I know that I spent most of my time preparing for graduation, prom, and what seemed like an endless array of scholarship applications. Most of my favorite moments was probably receiving the rest of my acceptance/rejection letters from colleges as well as beta reading Megan Duke’s book Without Me!
  • In April I took my last finals as a high-schooler which was very liberating.

♦ MAY ♦

  • May was my favorite month of this year for many reasons and if you follow me on social media you probably know why! It was basically packed full of memories that are going to stay with me forever.
  • Going in chronological order- the first really exciting thing was my senior trip toIMG_5250 Universal Studios Orlando for GradBash! For those of you who aren’t familiar with GradBash, it’s this awesome event where Universal Studios shuts down both parks for seniors from 7pm until 2am. It was so much fun! I went to the newer Harry Potter park for the first time and it was practically empty, rode on the Hogwarts express, and went to Ollivanders shop. I even got to see Trey Songz perform, which I consider my first concert. Best trip ever.
  • IMG_5548Two days after that amazing trip was prom, my first ever high school dance. My friend and I decided to go together and we had the full experience. We met up with some classmates, took pictures by a fountain, rode around in a limo and I even went to an after party (I know, I’m just as shocked as you!). The whole night was magical but one of the highlights had to be ordering Starbucks in a fancy dress, all the stares were hilarious.
  • And then there was graduation, the moment I’ve been waiting foIMG_5412r all year. The ceremony was emotional to say the least; my parents, neighbors, godmother, and friends all came to witness and celebrate this incredible moment with me. Since I went to a small school the ceremony was pretty intimate and every student got his and her moment on
    the stage alone making the experience even better. Afterwards everyone had dinner at my house and I was surprised with an awesome cake. The best part was that I graduated high school with 105 college credits!
  • At the end of the month my family road tripped up to New Jersey to stay with my godmom and family while we went to BEA & BookCon. I’m just going to say (or type?) IMG_6157that last part again- WE WENT TO BEA AND BOOKCON! I’m still on a high from this amazing experience and I have to thank Sophie Davis for making it happen, and obviously my parents for taking me and being such great sports about it. I met so many authors and bloggers, I was in heaven. I never did an official post about it- which is crazy, so I might do one in the future just because it was so magical.


♦ JUNE ♦

  • Life wouldn’t be life if there wasn’t balance, so after having an amazing half a year of going ‘up’ I had reached my peak and it was time to go down. Remember that awesome college I got into? Well they weren’t willing to transfer most of my credits meaning that I would have to retake basically two years of classes which was both impractical and a waste of money. However my heart was still broken and it took me a long time to get over it, I actually did a post about this if you want to hear more about my first heartbreak.

♦ JULY ♦

  • This was a pretty relaxed month, I got back into the swing of reading and decided to blog for frequently. I became more active on Twitter but withdrew more from Facebook and Instagram. I mentally prepared going back to school while trying to figure out Financial Aid and class schedules now that I wasn’t in high school anymore. So yeah, a relaxed month that was needed after the craziness of April and May
  • I think this is when the Summer Blogger Promo Tour hosted by The Book Bratz started, this is my second year participating and it was so cool meeting new bloggers! See my wrap up for this here.


  • On August 1st I turned 18! It’s crazy to think about still, but there’s so much more I can do nowIMG_6450 like order things on infomercials or buy a fish- the possibilities are endless (; My 18th was really fun, my parents took me out to see Ant Man at a fancy movie theater and after we went to The Cheesecake Factory! I looooooveeeee that restaurant.
  • I also started college as an actual college student which was kind of fun, but it felt like high school still since I went to that college for high school. On the bright side I knew the campus already so I didn’t have to worry about where my classes were (:
  • Blogging wise I participated in ARC August (hosted by Read. Sleep. Repeat.) and had a blast! I read way more books and posted more reviews than any other month. It really pushed me to get books read/reviewed and I’m grateful for that! You can check out those posts here <3


  • School was in full swing and I tried to maintain some type of balance without burning out. In this attempt I introduced a few new series that I wanted to do since they seemed simple enough but all ended pretty abruptly. The first was Ana Analyzes, which was suppose to be about the things I read in school- easy right? Well I never did a post like it after the initial post. I then introduced Harry Potter Moment of the Week, which lasted longer, but fizzled out. The last one was Scream Queens Saturday an attempt to start blogging about TV shows but I got lazy so that ended as well.
  • Another notable moment was when Rick freaking Riordan quote tweeted me and made a blog post based off of my tweet! You bet I made a blog post about that!


  • After attending Halloween Horror Nights as a school trip last year I knew I wanted to go again this year! For awhile I thought that this would be impossible but I discovered that they needed chaperons…so guess who rode IMG_6750in the back of a police car and got fingerprinted? Yep, this girl! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any good pictures while I was there, but it was still fun in a terrifying way.
  • Probably the most exciting thing was going to Miami and seeing RICK RIORDAN speak! I got a signed copy of Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer as well as a third row seat, it was such an epic experience. And the cherry on top was seeing Seale, the publicity director of Disney Hyperion! He recognized us (me and my sister) from BEA and chatted with us for a few minutes before the event started <3
  • On Halloween I went to my very first football game! But before that I went to Michelle Madow’s book release party in Barnes and Noble and that night I went to a friend’s house making it the most social day I’ve ever had.


  • Other than end of the semester madness, I decided to give NaNoWriMo a try thanks to Michelle Madow who encouraged me when she found out that I was thinking about it. I started my very first novel and I actually hit the 50k word count goal! It was crazy, stressful, and sometimes frustrating but I did it and managed to get all As and Bs in school. Although my novel still has a long process ahead of it, I’m so happy that I started it.


  • Finals and winter break! December was pretty relaxed, I went out with a friend to see the movie Krampus, watched all the Star Wars movie for the first time and spent time with family. Overall a great month!

Although I’m sad to see 2015 go, I am even more excited to see what new opportunities the new year will bring! Hopefully more reading and blogging (;

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