#TackleYourTBR: Week 1 Update

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TYTBR#TackleYourTBR is a month long challenge that me and the lovely ladies from The Book Bratz are hosting in December dedicated to readers and bloggers. The goal is to complete any challenges or goals you may have set up at the beginning of the year before 2015 ends!

The first week of December has already flew by and I am very pleased with the fact that I already completed two books considering the fact that I had two finals on Thursday and Friday!

The books I read are: Oblivion by Jennifer L. Armentrout (which is really 3 books in one but whatever) and Elementals: The Prophecy of Shadows by Michelle Madow! Both of these books were 5 star reads and I’m hoping to have my Oblivion review up this month. What’s super exciting is that Michelle’s book was my first 2016 read and it really got me excited for the upcoming year!

On my last post I listed some topics of the week and this week’s topic is TBR & Goals. I went through my blog archives and found this beauty of a post that I posted at the beginning of the year and pretty much laughed. My goals were somewhat vague and some were even changed mid-way through the year. I’m going to highlight a few and apply them to my TBR/goals for this month

  • Read 70 books – I think that I shortened my goal in February/March to 45 when I realized that I wasn’t reading as much as I thought and then factored in the fact that I was going to be busy during the summer getting ready for college. As of right now I have read 40 out of 45, so I only need to read five more books which shouldn’t be too hard since my last final is on the 9th!
  • Read a few classic books – I love my vagueness here because technically I’ve only read one classic book this year (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn) but I’ve also read a few less popular older books that I’m going to count as well- but I want to read at least ONE more legit classic.
  • Different Posts – I’ve been dying to post more discussion-type posts here but I always wimp out because some of the topics are a bit controversial. But I think I’m going to ease my way into it this month with at least two non-controversial topics…hopefully.
  • Write More – Technically this has nothing to do with reading or blogging, but since I ‘won’ NaNoWriMo I really want to continue writing and hopefully finish my first draft!

As for my TBR…I really don’t want to make a strict TBR since I rarely stick to them, but here are a few books I want to get to soon:

  • Forget Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn
  • Titans by Victoria Scott
  • Passenger by Alexandra Bracken
  • Truthwitch by Susan Dennard
  • Black Widow by Margaret Stohl
  • The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare

Hopefully I can get to these and a few more this winter break! Are you participating in #TackleYourTBR? Link me to your TBR and goals post in the comments!

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