#TackleYourTBR Announcement!

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Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t been active lately but I come back bearing great news! For the past couple of weeks I have teamed up with the lovely ladies over at The Book Bratz to create a month long challenge called #TackleYourTBR!

#TackleYourTBR is a month long challenge that will be taken place in December dedicated to readers and bloggers. The goal is to complete any challenges or goals you may have set up at the beginning of the year before 2015 ends!

At the beginning of every year thousands of bloggers and readers sign up for a wide variety of challenges on Goodreads or on their blogs that pertains to both reading and blogging. If you’re anything like me, these challenges are still incomplete and with the year coming to the close many of you may be scrambling to finish these challenges, but here’s the great news: we’re here to cheer you along!

By participating, all you have to do is complete any challenges you’ve set for this year and share your successes/ struggles on twitter & instagram with #TackleYourTBR and, if you’re a blogger, you can post weekly updates on your blog.

For those of you who want an extra challenge, on December 1st we will post challenges and topics of the weeks for every week of December for you to somehow incorporate in your reading or blogging that week!

If you’d like to join, leave a link to your blog or sign-up post (instagrams and twitters are welcome too) and be sure to follow the hosts for weekly updates!

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