NaNoWriMo Day 10

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Day 10; 21 days remaining

Total Word Count: 14,191

Today’s (personal) goal: 17,000

I’ve been slacking on my updates for the past five days which makes me really upset because I found a 30 Day NaNoWriMo challenge that I wanted to participate in, but better late than never right!

We are a couple of days into week 2 and I know understand what seasoned WriMos mean when they refer to it as week two blues. Over the weekend I fell a bit behind on my word count and haven’t been able to catch up since. I hit a wall with my plot so I took a break from my extremely detailed outline to write a couple of the earlier scenes in my book and I was struggling with that as well. I was so stuck, I didn’t know how my book was going to end and because of that I was having trouble writing my earlier scenes. I became really sad and started looking at other book ideas that I started outlining, debating on whether or not I should revisit them, but then, yesterday, something happened.

I was waiting for my class to start and grabbed my notebook to see if I can get any words done and after staring at the blank page for a couple of seconds I decided to draw a timeline of the main events that I have so far so I can try to figure out what should happen next and it worked! Just by seeing all of the major parts of the story on one page I was able to create a goal for my characters and even discovered the answer to the main problem of the story! I was so excited that I broke through the wall and quickly outlined how they were going to get to point A to point B. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to write that much yesterday so I’m hoping to participate in a few sprints today to catch up and (should I dare hope?) maybe even get a little bit ahead.

NaNo Challenge:

How does your love of writing manifest in non-NaNo months?

Honestly, I don’t write any of the stories I imagine in my head- mostly because I start outlining it and then think it’s a terrible idea so I stop. Repeat this 1-2 times a year and add in some frustration and that’s basically me. I’m really hoping that I can complete NaNo so I can show myself that I can write a book, no matter how bad it may be. However, even though I don’t write throughout the year I do read a lot and write reviews so I’m still writing and pushing myself to get better- it’s just not in a super creative way.

How’s NaNo treating you? Tell me below and buddy me on the site!

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