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Hello everyone and welcome to day 4 of the Instead of This cover reveal tour! As you all probably know, I am a HUGE fan of anything written by Megan Duke and I am so honored that she included me in this tour to help reveal the cover of the last book in the Mind Breaker Accounts series, but before we get into that I have some special content first! 

About the Mind Breaker Accounts:

The Mind Breakers is a dystopian-like New Adult series that is set in a future where there is a small group of people who have the ability to control or ‘break into’ other people’s minds. Readers follow many characters and discover the extent of their powers as well as their troubles as they live in a world where they are not quite accepted. Written in a unique style, the reader learns about the characters through the accounts they share with a government official. There are also some special chapters where readers can learn what is happening during the present day, which only increases the suspense tenfold!

As mentioned earlier, the story follows quite a few characters but in this post we will focus on one- Denni! If you’d like to learn some details about Denni, check out my post for the Without Me blog tour! Please note that from now on there may be some minor spoilers from the first two novels- Without Me and Because of Him so read at your own risk!

denni swimmingReaders first meet Denni as a normal girl who is completely oblivious that her boyfriend, Amos, is a mind breaker. She left her family and dream job in New York to live with Amos in England and although she knows she did it willingly- she still wonders why. She remains oblivious to what her boyfriend is until she meets Jack, that’s when shit gets real.

Denni becomes a mind breaker against her will and is sucked into a world that she doesn’t want to be a part of. Not only does she have to learn how to control her new abilities, but she has to also deal with Cox- a man that is making their lives particularly difficult; throw in a VERY conflicting love triangle and you have yourself a fast-paced, sexy, and action packed story.

In the second novel, the love triangle becomes less conflicting but the action is still amplified. Now our group of characters is on the run now that Cox is captured. The government is on the hunt for these special humans, but their is another danger out there- someone is hunting down and killing the Mind Breakers! With Cox in custody and the knowledge that the government is only interested in their capture, this group of friends know that they are being betrayed- but by who? The suspense almost killed me and story is so addictive, so I am so psyched to see what is in store for us in Instead of This!

My Predictions:

Honestly, I never can predict what Megan has planned but I can only imagine that it’ll be beautiful and denni without meheartbreaking. I think (and hope!) that Denni and Jack will get past their awkward stage and finally be happy together. Obviously they’re going to be captured and interrogated, but hopefully they will leave their prisons in one piece and not too emotionally scarred.

I feel that despite what happens, Denni will emerge at the end stronger and more independent than when we first met her. In a perfect world, she will be reunited with all of her friends and family and her and Jack will get married and have kids and live happily ever after- but this isn’t a perfect world so I’m just going to have to wait and see what Megan has planned for us.

Special Interview:

I am so excited to share a VERY special interview with Vania Stoyanova, the creative mastermind behind all three gorgeous covers! Vania is such a talented photographer and I am so excited and honored to have asked her three questions.

During the photo shoot for the Instead of This cover, what elements were you aiming to capture in the pictures?

Megan and I talked extensively about how to brand the series. When we decided on water we knew they couldn’t all look the same or be anything ordinary. She had mentioned to me that that eye color was very important and while we changed that in post processing I knew that the water and each cover would have to be a different color. So I borrowed my friend’s bath tub, stuck some gorgeous people in it, and shot away all happily. From the first click we knew we had something special. Instead of This cover was the last to be shot that day and boy were we slap happy by then. Even our model, Chandler, was having a grand ol’ time in her milk bath.

Roughly how long was the process to edit and create this *gorgeous* cover?

Unlike some of my other covers which involve many elements being photoshopped together, this series was fairly easy. Shooting took some time in setting up and getting the right angle and colors but overall the editing was a breeze. I had edited all three covers the night of the shoot as mock ups for Megan, but we liked them so much that we did very little editing. I did the basics: skin retouching/evening out, color adjustment, contrast adjustment, and tinting. Finally, photoshopped the eye color and added the title treatment.

You’ve created so many gorgeous covers, what is your favorite part of working with authors?

The magic of making something totally unique and wholly theirs is the best part. When a concept clicks and sticks, there’s no better feeling. It isn’t always as smooth sailing as this one, and sometimes it takes a few ideas before we find the right one, but I aim to give my authors something really special. We cast, costume, and shoot with their book and characters in mind. I keep in mind character chemistry and history, I educate my models on who they are portraying, and aim to bring that character to life even in the teaser images that we shoot on top of the covers. Each project is a surprise and different which makes it so much fun.

Aghhh, thank you again Vania for taking the time to answer my questions (: And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for……………………………………………………………………………….

The Cover Snippet!

instead of this

I already know how the whole thing looks and let me just tell you- it is beyond gorgeous. In fact, it may be my favorite of the three! I love the soft, milky pinkish color and the contrast with her hair is just stunning. Make sure you check out the other posts to see the other pieces!

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