Paul Recommends: Scary Movies for Halloween

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Hey guys! I just wanted to quickly re-introduce my movie buff of a friend Paul, you may remember him from his reviews of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and The Diary of a Teenage GirlSince Paul is such a huge horror movie fan (he’s been trying to convince me to watch some for YEARS) I thought it’d be fun for him to recommend some ‘scary’ movies that’ll be perfect to watch this Halloween. So without further adieu, I give the floor to Paul!

So I love Halloween, and what better way to celebrate it than by binge watching a bunch of horror films?? I love scary movies, when they’re good at least, and I think this selection will provide enough scares for you and your friends or family. While these are some of my favorite horror movies, I specifically picked these because I think they fit the holiday perfectly and they aren’t the ones that you typically read about on similar horror movie lists, for example I tried to steer away from movies like “The Shining” and “The Exorcist” because everyone knows these movies are great. So please, come with me on this adventure of movies, thrills, and…. MURDER!

*Least extreme to most extreme in terms of violence, blood, and terror!*

the haunting


The Haunting (1963)

The Haunting is a classic ghost film about a group of people who decide to stay in a supposedly haunted house. There is no blood and gore but it really plays with suspense. This is a movie that while dark will probably not give you nightmares.

Spooky level: 6 Gore level: 0 WTF level: 2

Total: 8



Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)

This is another movie for those of you who may not enjoy scary movies. While this movie isn’t scary per say, it is definitely spooky and the cinematography is very beautiful and haunting. Add creepy performances by Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder and you got yourself one sexy vampire movie!

Spooky level: 4 Gore level: 4 WTF level: 4

Total: 12



Housebound (2014)

This Australian gem is a recently discovered fave of my sister and me. It is SO friggin creepy. But another great thing about it is that it is a comedy as well as a horror film. This is a movie you should see if you and your friends want to have a bloody, scary, and hilarious evening with a twist you never saw coming.

Spooky level: 5 Gore level: 6 WTF level: 7

Total: 18


the orphanage

The Orphanage (2007)

This Spanish film is excellent. The first time my family and I saw it, my cousin and I had to walk around the house together because we were so creeped out. Make sure to watch with the subtitles because in my opinion something is lost when you watch with the English dubbing. This is a movie you should see if you want to watch a well done ghost film that is also a poignant story about a mother searching for her missing son.

Spooky level: 8 Gore level: 3 WTF level: 7

Total: 18


you're next

You’re Next (2011)

This is a masterpiece. It works on so many levels. This is something you MUST see with a group of people, if anything just to see everyone’s reactions. It is basically a home invasion movie where the characters actually try to fight back. It’s like the horror of “The Strangers” met the high jinks of “Home Alone” and did a bunch of cocaine. Splendid.

Spooky level: 4 Gore level 8.5 WTF level: 7.5

Total: 20




REC (2007)

Another Spanish film, “REC” is probably the best found footage movie I’ve ever seen. It’s also one of my favorite zombie movies. This is a great movie for you if you really like intense movies about dire situations. Also, it is even better than “Quarantine” which is the American remake, so watch “REC”. Use the subtitles for this one as well.

Spooky level: 8 Gore level: 7.5 WTF level: 8

Total: 23.5



the descent

The Descent (2005)

This is also a fun one to watch in a group, because by the end you will all be huddled in the corner of your couch in terror. Trust me, it happens. This film is what happens when cave diving goes wrong. It is so claustrophobic throughout and the creatures that are attacking the characters are utterly frightening. I love this movie so much and really recommend it for your Halloween viewing.

Spooky level: 9 Gore level: 9 WTF level: 9

Total: 27


evil dead

Evil Dead (2013)

Oh my lord, this movie is effective. This was the movie I showed for my friends last Halloween and it was such a rewarding experience. The reactions varied from my sister saying it was a movie to watch for fun to a friend saying it was the scariest movie they had ever seen. The scares definitely come from the extreme gore that takes up almost every scene. This is basically the Joan Rivers of horror movies in that it doesn’t believe that there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed. Definitely a great party movie but also a good one for just group of two. Check it out, I personally like it better than the original.

Spooky level: 9 Gore level: 10 WTF level: 10

Total: 29


I hope this list helps some of you find a great movie to celebrate the upcoming holiday. Have a safe and scary Halloween everybody!!

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