Scream Queens Saturday // Chainsaw, Haunted House, Pumpkin Patch

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Hello everyone and welcome to Scream Queens Saturday! This is a weekly post where I will be sharing my thoughts and predictions of Fox’s latest show Scream Queens. If you’re a fellow Screamer please feel free to leave comments with any thoughts or theories you have as well!

Unfortunately I haven’t been keeping up with Scream Queens Saturday for the past two weeks- but I’m back now (: For this post I’m going to do a quick run down of what has happened in the past three episodes as well as discuss my thoughts and theories. However, for the upcoming weeks I’m thinking of shaking things up a little and start doing character profiles and maybe even a ‘deep analysis’ of a certain scene- what do you guys think?

Some of the major discoveries that were made are:

♦ There are two Red Devils

♦ Gigi is the Hag of Shady Lane

♦ Gigi is also an ally of the Red Devil

♦ Chanel #5 is beginning to stray from the Chanels

♦ Hester aka Chanel #6 is plotting to ‘take over’ Chanel’s life, including her boyfriend and title as president of KKT

♦ Denise believes that Zayday is the killer

I have to admit, at this point the only thing I was right about was the fact that there was more than one red devil. There has been so many unexpected twists and turns that I no longer know what to expect anymore- I can only assume that people are either going to be killed or betrayed.

I guess the only thing I can guess is that Boone is somehow involved with the red devils, if he isn’t one himself. I also believe that Gigi is smarter than she acts and is also involved- but I don’t think she puts on the suit herself. It’s so frustrating not having any idea what’s going to happen next or who is going to die, but it does keep me on my toes!

What do you guys think of the past three episodes? Any theories? Please comment any thoughts below (:

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