Ana Analyzes: Introducing a New Series

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to quickly introduce a new series for this blog that I’m calling Ana Analyzes!

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post as well as complained about on Twitter, classes are back and since I decided to pursue an English major I have a ton of assigned reading due every week. In an effort to not abandon my blogging and to enjoy the readings as much as I can, I decided to review/comment on the readings here so Ana Analyzes was born! Basically every week or so I’m going post brief comments about all of my required reading, but in a more relaxed and casual tone (vs the academic writing that I have to do for classes).

I’m actually really excited to start this series because I often have funny and irrelevant thoughts about the readings that I can’t bring up in discussions, so now I can share them here! I really hope that you guys will enjoy these future posts, I’m going to make them as enjoyable as possible!

My first post, which will hopefully be up by Friday or Saturday, will discuss four different readings:

♦ Brit Lit: Sir Gawain and the Green Giant & Canterbury Tales

♦ American Lit: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

♦ Brit Novel: Moll Flanders

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