Ana Talks: The Start of a Semester

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As of Monday, August 18th, I have become an official college student. Gone are the days of worrying whether someone in my class is going to figure out that I’m a highschooler! It’s definitely a bitter sweet experience, especially since I was hoping to attend a different university, but I intend to make the best of it and enjoy every minute I have.

So far I’ve attended all of my classes except my microbiology lab (I’m actually typing this during my break before the lab!) and it seems that I’m going to have a smooth but busy semester. For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently working on my English degree while taking my nursing pre-requisites for the nursing program. I’m actually really excited for all of my English classes, I usually only read YA or NA so it’ll be interesting to expand into different genres from different times.

Since classes have started, I have fell WAY behind on scheduling posts. However I am hoping to take some time this weekend to schedule a week’s or so worth of posts. I also wanted to share an idea I had for my future posts: I want to discuss and maybe even review some of my required readings for school on this blog. That way I won’t fall back on my blogging and I’ll focus even more on my readings 😛

That’s all for now! Have you started classes? Have any tips on how to stay on top of everything without becoming a zombie? Please feel free to share below!

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