Ana Talks: The Start of a Semester

As of Monday, August 18th, I have become an official college student. Gone are the days of worrying whether someone in my class is going to figure out that I’m a highschooler! It’s definitely a bitter sweet experience, especially since I was hoping to attend a different university, but I intend to make the best of it and enjoy every minute I have.

So far I’ve attended all of my classes except my microbiology lab (I’m actually typing this during my break before the lab!) and it seems that I’m going to have a smooth but busy semester. For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently working on my English degree while taking my nursing pre-requisites for the nursing program. I’m actually really excited for all of my English classes, I usually only read YA or NA so it’ll be interesting to expand into different genres from different times.

Since classes have started, I have fell WAY behind on scheduling posts. However I am hoping to take some time this weekend to schedule a week’s or so worth of posts. I also wanted to share an idea I had for my future posts: I want to discuss and maybe even review some of my required readings for school on this blog. That way I won’t fall back on my blogging and I’ll focus even more on my readings 😛

That’s all for now! Have you started classes? Have any tips on how to stay on top of everything without becoming a zombie? Please feel free to share below!

6 thoughts on “Ana Talks: The Start of a Semester

  1. Congrats on starting school! My first year of university was last year and I absolutely loved it – for the most part. I’m glad you’re enjoying your classes so far! My first quarter was super busy but overall, the easiest. I completely understand getting way behind on scheduling posts and blogging! That happened a lot my first year because I was always in class or trying to socialize and make new friends. I eventually started writing posts about school on my old blog, so I 100% back you up if that’s what you want to post about in the next few months! If you ever need someone to talk to about school, I’m here for ya! I know it can be a big change and sometimes it can get a little overwhelming so it’s nice to have other, more neutral people to talk to.

    By the way, you will most definitely feel like a zombie, some days more than others. I advise drinking lots of coffee or tea. Also, don’t stress too much. Take 15 minute breaks in between larger study sessions as well. You retain more information that way and it’s nice to go do something else for awhile. Best of luck!

  2. Omg!!! That last part you wrote! So funny! I was telling my mom about all the books you have for your English classes/showed her the picture and I even said that you should review the books you have to read anyway for school… That’s so funny that you were considering doing that!!

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