ARC Review: Legacy of Kings

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legacy of kings Legacy of Kings by Eleanor Herman

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Pub Date: Aug. 18 2015

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Legacy of Kings is a complex story following six characters that all have some goal in mind; however, when their lives cross paths they each discover something that changes their plans and, ultimately, their lives. Often compared to Game of Thrones, it is an epic novel that every fantasy lover needs to read.

Where do I even begin?! I picked up this book at Harlequin Teen’s group author signing during BEA- so not only did I get an advanced copy of this magnificent book, I met the author as well. I don’t think anyone who saw Eleanor could ever forget her, she cosplayed in a Greek white dress and a gold crown! She was super sweet and engaged with all of her fans, asking them to let her know via Twitter of their thoughts on the book.

I’ve always loved fantasy, ever since I dove into the wizarding world of Harry Potter! Surprisingly enough I haven’t read, and loved, that many high fantasy books since. I believe that it is really difficult and time consuming to create a convincing and fascinating new world as well as everything in it. That being said, Eleanor did a fantastic job! Not only was the world believable, it was also beautiful. You can definitely tell that the experience and knowledge she acquired while researching for her non fiction books was a big help in making the world so realistic. By the end of the book I looked like this:


I loved it so much! The world, the characters, the plot, OH MY! I have to admit that the six POVs were a bit disorienting at first, but once I knew who was who I loved it. In fact, the different POVs kept the story interesting because I kept wanting to know more! Like I mentioned earlier, each character had a goal in mind so it was really fun to see how they unintentionally helped/screwed each other.

Every single one of the characters were strong, independent, and full of history. While reading the chapters I felt like I was their best friend and they were sharing bits and pieces of their lives with me. I felt like I was there, experiencing their happiness, their disappointment, their fear. It was as if the line between my world and their’s had disappeared and I was a part of the chaos.

The story line was truly a work of art, the author expertly wove the 6 different POVs into one fast paced, incredible story that left the readers wanting more. When I finished the book I had the WORSE book hangover ever!

Before I end the post I wanted to participate in a little challenge that the author asks readers on Twitter. Out of all the characters who would I want to kiss, kill, be, smack, marry, and avoid?

KissI would want to kiss Alex, I instantly fell in love with his ambition and his need to make the city a better place for all. It also helps that he has unique eyes, I’m a sucker for eyes.

KillLord Bastian hands down, he was one of the most annoying characters who did some very sneaky things.

BeKaterina, she has a special gift that I’m envious about. Also, I love how she doesn’t let anyone dictate how she feels or what she does.

SmackOchus- he seems like one of the most self absorbed and pretentious men in the entire book. Everything he says annoys me and if I ever had a chance, I’d probably smack him.

MarryCan I say Alex again? I think I have a new book boyfriend…

AvoidThis is a tie between Olympius and Cyn. Despite their obvious dislike of one another, they share a lot of devious traits that I definitely would not want to be involved with.

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