ARC Review: The Accident Season

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accident seasonThe Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle

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Pub Date: Aug. 18th 2015

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


The accident season occurs every year affecting a mother, her two daughters, and her ex-stepson. During this time the family is prone to broken bones, cuts, and near death experiences. The story is primarily told through the youngest sister, Cara- she discovers that an old friend named Elsie is in all of her photos and is determined to know why. Throughout the book readers try to uncover who Elsie is and how she is involved in the accident season.

I actually met the author and got my copy of the book signed at BEA/BookCon. At the time I never heard of her or the book, I was just attracted to the gorgeous cover- after the convention many bloggers tweeted about their excitement for the book and with every tweet I became more and more excited.

Like the last few books I’ve read, I went into this book completely blind. The first 100 pages seemed a bit introductory, which was okay at first but then became a bit annoying after 50 pages. After I hit the 100 page mark I was totally obsessed and didn’t put the book down until I finished. There were so many elements of the story that kept me engaged, mystified, and turning the pages for more.

The Accident Season is unlike any book I’ve ever read, it has a haunting tone and a plot that certainly makes you think- a LOT. On more than one occasion I put down the book for a bit trying to figure out what was happening before the characters found out and I only came close a couple times.

The story also has a thin line of what was real and what wasn’t. The main character Cara had dreams/visions of changelings children that seemed to symbolize her, her ex-stepbrother, her sister, and her friend; she had these visions numerous times but each time I was less and less sure if she was imagining it or if it was real. I often reread those parts in an attempt to understand those parts.

My only complaint for the book is the romance. To me the romance in this book fell flat and, frankly, was unnecessary. I wasn’t interested in any of the relationships and was kind of annoyed whenever the story deviated to such scenes.

I’m not going to lie, when I finished the book I was really confused. I thought over everything that had happened and tried to make sense of it. At first I didn’t like it, because all the elements that kept me engaged didn’t connect- but after thinking about it for awhile I started to make the connections in my head. In fact, while typing out this review I realized a couple of other things I didn’t understand at first. This is definitely a ‘thinker’, a reader cannot expect the book to make everything obvious, you have to make the connections yourself. That being said, I think that the author and the story is a genius! It was a kinda risky piece but worth it.

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