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A few weeks ago I saw that the lovely ladies from The Book Bratz did a fun post where they took Epic Reads quizzes and posted their results! The quizzes looked so fun that I took a few as well and decided to share them with everyone(:

Which Summer Camp Girl Are You?

Inspired by PROOF OF FOREVER by Lexa Hillyer, we dare you to take this quiz and find out which kind of bunkmate you are! Go forth and discover your summer camp personality!

You are Miss Independent!

miss independent

You know exactly what you want in life – what clothes you’re going to wear and which boys you’re going to date. Like Tali in PROOF OF FOREVER, you’ve always got a sassy comeback and nobody can keep you down.

Which High School Stereotype Are You?

Ah, high-school. The social hierarchy, the cliche stereotypes, and the desires to break out of categorization (or sometimes, to break into it). After reading M.G. Reyes’ book EMANCIPATED, about a group of six teens that have all been legally liberated from parental control for very different reasons, we were inspired to figure out which high-school stereotype we were.

The Good Girl

good girl

You do as you’re told, and you’re a great listener. You don’t like to break the rules and wouldn’t be CAUGHT dead in any kind of trouble. You are the reliable and safe one… That is, in everyone else’s eyes. Behind closed doors, you may actually be keeping a HUGE secret from the rest of the world, and a secret that involves endangering the lives of others, just like Grace in EMANCIPATED.

Which YA Revolution Should You Join?

You’re a YA rebel, but what’s your cause? Take the quiz and find out this young adult revolution you should join. It’s up to you whether you want to be the rebellious leader or just the dude on the sidelines who is all like “Holler at me when the fighting is done!”

District 13


Grab your bow and arrow, it’s time to fight alongside Katniss and crew in District 13 from THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins (maybe you’ve heard of it?). You’re resourceful, passionate, and totes against murder competitions for the sake of entertainment. . . so, perfect for District 13.

What’s Your Fairy Tale Prom Style?

If prom is the ball and you are the princess, then which fairy tale are you in? Take this quiz inspired by CRIMSON BOUND by Rosamund Hodge to find out what your fairy tale prom style is! Perhaps you’ll be the Belle of the ball….*wink wink smirk smirk*



You’ve got Cinderella style! Every other day of the week your style may not catch the eye, but come prom night it’s no holds barred! The ball gown, the shoes (which you’ll inevitably kick off in favor of the dance floor), and the hope of catching your sweet prince’s eye all before that pesky curfew. Unless you’re like Maia from Rosamund Hodge’s GILDED ASHES and are dead set against falling in love. In which case, you should probably trade the glass slippers for bunny slippers and go read that fairy tale retelling and skip the ball–er, prom.

Which Famous Alien Are You?

We all know you’re out of this world, but which notorious extra-terrestrial are you most like? In honor of the new alien friends hitting bookshelves today in Kimberly Derting’s The Replaced, the sequel to The Taking, this quiz is invading your screen!

You Are Pizza Planet Aliens!


Okay, maybe living inside a toy vending machine game isn’t the best, but PIZZA IS SO CLOSE. We know that’s the real reason you think so highly of “the clawwwwww.” Toy Story may not be your story, but you certainly steal the show. It’s nice knowing we have an alien friend in you.

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