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Yes, you read the title right! I am finally expanding my blog to discuss non-book related things such as TV shows. From now on I will be sharing my latest TV show obsessions, Netflix binges, and any other TV related fixations here and it all starts with my over-excitement for Scream Queens!

Warning: This post is going to longer than average!

As soon as I saw the teaser for this show a few months ago I became instantly obsessed. For those who haven’t heard- Scream Queens is about a sorority with a lethal secret that has been kept quiet for over 20 years. However things begin to quickly change after the dean of the school (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) orders the current sorority girls to accept anyone who wish to join and all of a sudden a string of murders are committed. No one is safe and everyone is a suspect.


The cast have described the show as a horror comedy, with an emphasis on comedy, and I’m very excited to see how the writers play it all out. It’s either going to be a disaster or genius, let’s hope for the latter.


♥ The show premieres September 22nd and will be two glorious hours long, my goal is to watch the first episode live and then make a post with my thoughts, predictions, and any other comments I may have.

♥ Every week afterwards I will probably record the show and watch it later on, however I do not want to hoard all the episodes so I will aim to watch them before that Monday.

♥ I will post weekly about my thoughts and predictions for the show as a mini series on my blog. I’m toying with the name ‘Scream Queen Saturday’.

the cast


I am absolutely and irrevocably in love with the cast of the show! It’s basically an all star cast and everyone is extremely talented in acting, as well as singing. Which makes me wonder if there will be any singing…

Anyways here’s a quick glimpse of who’s on the show:

♥ Emma Roberts                                 ♥ Keke Palmer

♥ Jamie Lee Curtis                              ♥ Abigail Breslin

♥ Skyler Samuels                                 ♥ Ariana Grande

♥ Lea Michelle                                     ♥ Nick Jonas

Of course there are plenty more people on the cast, but for the sake of this post I shortened it to my personal favorites actors (:


Obviously there isn’t much to go by as of right now but I do have a theory as to why the murders begin at that specific time. At the beginning of the trailer there is a clip showing the firsts mysterious death, presumably a murder. Later on Skyler Samuel’s character is:

  • Reassuring her dad that she was going to be okay when he asked her not join any sororities
  • Determined to rush into Kappa specifically
  • Mentions to a guy that she wants to join to ‘feel closer to her mother’ that died really young
  • Is actively looking around and trying to solve the mystery of the murders

It seems obvious to me that Samuel’s character’s mom is the one who died 20 years before, but then again the timing is kinda off since most people start college when they’re around 18.

I am so stoked for this series to kick off, until then- scream on!

Scream Queen Emma

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