Top Ten Tuesday (1) – Fairy Tale Retellings

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the wonderful ladies over at The Broke and Bookish. This week’s topic is ‘Top 10 Fairy Tales Retellings I’ve Read/Fairy Tales I Want to be Retold’

I am so excited to participate in my first Top Ten Tuesday! A year ago I had no clue what a meme was in the blogging world, but after seeing so many blogs I love (like Quality Fangirls, The Book Bratz, and Caught Read Handed) take part in TTT I decided to give it a shot!

Since I really wanted to share what fairy tales I want to be retold as well as some of my favorite retellings, I decided to do a combination of the two:

Favorite Retellings:

red riding hood

1. Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright

Obviously, this is a retelling of the fairy tale Red Riding Hood. I’m 99% sure this is the first retelling I have ever read and I was completely obsessed. I remember rereading the book at least three times and on top of that, I left bookmarks marking my favorite scenes so whenever I was bored I can reread them (and I did, several times!).


2. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Mayer

This series retells the stories of Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, and Rapunzel in the most unique way possible. The characters live in a futuristic, dystopian world where the characters are fighting to save the world from the Queen who lives on the moon. I’m totally butchering the synopsis so please trust me and read it if you haven’t already!


3. Beastly by Alex Flinn

This is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. It’s set in the modern world where spoiled, rich teen is cursed with beastly ‘ugliness’ after picking on a witch. I was really impressed at how the author was able to connect many important elements from the original tale and give them a modern twist.

Tales I Want to be Retold:

1. Aladdin

I cannot tell you how many times my sister and I watched this movie. We went through an Aladdin phase where we watched the movie every nights for months- towards the end of our phase we were able to successfully recite almost half the lines in the movie as well as sing along with the songs. It was terrible! Anyways- I never heard of anyone retelling the story, but I can guarantee the second I find one I will devour it.

2. The Little Mermaid

Another obsession of mine, however it occurred when I was much younger so it was normal behavior. Even though I haven’t seen any for myself, I heard that there are a few good retellings of this classic tale however- I’ve yet to find one. Fun Fact: I started out lining a retelling for NaNoWriMo last year but never got around to writing it.

3. Mulan

Most fairy tale retellings tend to portray the main characters in a stronger, independent way than the actual fairy tale (I’m talking to you Cinderella!). I would love to see a retelling of an already strong character, especially since she literally kicks ass.

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