ARC August: Day One + My Birthday!

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It’s August 1st, which means two very exciting things: (1) It’s the first day of the third annual ARC August and (2) It’s my 18th birthday!!

For those of you who don’t know, ARC August is a challenge created by the lovely ladies over at Read. Sleep. Repeat. Basically anyone who has ARCs, can either be physical or e-version, challenges him or herself to read as many as they can throughout the month of August. Since I was lucky enough to acquire almost 50 ARCs during BEA/BookCon, I knew that I had to participate. I signed up last month and listed all the books I have plus the dates they will be released into the world for everyone else to read.

My overall goal for this month is to read and review as many books as I can before school starts. I also want to have almost every review up before the book becomes published. Due to the overwhelming number of books on my list, I decided to try and get a head start during late July. I read, loved, and reviewed Fuzzy Mud and The Heartbreakers. I attempted to read Awake but couldn’t get into it so I decided to cut my losses and put it to the side for now; I would rather skip a book then fall behind in my reading. With that being said I am currently reading After the Red Rain and I’m hoping to finish it either today or tomorrow that way I can quickly read and review Never, Always, Sometimes before their pub date (Aug. 4th). Here’s a visual aid for what I just explained:

ARC August Update 1

I’m hoping to post updates every week or every four books- whichever comes first I guess. Is anyone else participating? If so please comment! I would love to connect, that way we can support each other!

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