Review: Fragile Facade

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fragile facade

Fragile Facade by Sophie Davis

Goodreads ¦ Amazon

Pub Date: June 2014

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


Before I get into the actual review I have to tell everyone how much I adore the authors! Sophie Davis is a pseudonym for two amazing women who are best friends. They are the reason why I was able to go to BEA and BookCon and for that I will be eternally grateful to them! I received this book while at BEA and I have to admit that I was tempted to rate it 5 stars just because the authors are angels. Luckily for me, my love for the book was just as strong as my love for the authors (:

I went into this book blind, I didn’t read the summary on the back or any reviews on Goodreads, so it was really interesting to be immersed into a world full of mystery and suspense instantaneously. I don’t want to give anything away since I believe that people should go into it blind- however I really related to Raven’s character, especially at the beginning. Raven is a really strong and young female lead who learns to go with her gut instincts, even when they seem crazy. I really appreciated how the authors showed the difficulties that she encountered throughout the book, it made the story more realistic. I also really loved how every character- even minor ones, felt real. The authors gave everyone a personality and a story that you get a taste of when introduced to them.

The suspense and mystery really kept me engaged in the story and craving more. I’m 99% sure that if I had the time, I would’ve been able to finish the book in one sitting. So why didn’t I give it a full 5 stars? Well there were quite a few grammatical errors. Don’t get me wrong, I know that mistakes happen and some things slip in the editing process, but some of these errors were in the middle of an intense scene and it stopped the momentum for me.

In the end, I adored this book and CANNOT wait to get my hands on the sequel! I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery. Also- it’s on sale RIGHT NOW on Amazon so grab it while you can (:

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