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SBPT 2015


Welcome to week 3 of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour hosted by the lovely ladies over at The Book Bratz! This week is all about Giselle from Book Nerd Canada, she’s going to tell us about what authors and characters she would love to have over for dinner!

I’m Giselle! An avid book worm, web designer, dog lover, and all-around nerd. I design web sites for a living and currently work as a freelancer.

J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter Series’ Hermione Granger
Wouldn’t this be the most epic dinner ever? I’d ask Rowling soooo many questions about the back-story and how she came up with the world, and every single detail I could throw at her. I’m pretty sure she has written back-stories for pretty much each of her characters, not just the main ones. I’d love to know her inspirations and where they come from and Ahhh I pretty much would fangirl all over the place just being in her incredible presence.  As for Hermione, I would definitely want her to be my best friend. I’d love to ask her how her job is going, and what her and Ron and her children is up to.

Sophie Kinsella and Confessions of a Shopaholic Series’ Becky Bloomwood
I met Sophie last year but I barely said two sentences to her because I was fangirling so hard. I would love to just chat with her about simple things about her life, and books and if she’ll be bringing beloved Becky back! I’d love to bring Becky a gift that would include all her favourite things because she’s such a hilarious character to read about. I’d ask her how Luke and Mimi are doing and would love to see photos of them together.

 Tahereh Mafi and Shatter Me’s Warner
I loved meeting Tahereh at a blogger event, and she was just the cutest thing. I would love to talk to her about her lifestyle blog and where she finds the time to be an amazing author and wife. I’d even try to ask her if I could come visit her when she does one of her fabulous photo shoots. Now Warner, well he seems to be the most confident guy at first glance, but you know there’s more to him than meets the eye. I’d probably stay silent because I wouldn’t know what to say and pick at my plate the entire dinner hahaha

 Pierce Brown and Red Rising’s Darrow
I’ve chatted with Pierce on Twitter and he invited my friend and I to his book’s web cam chat before his book ever came out and he probably had about 400 followers then. I pretty much knew this book would explode, and I literally devoured the book when I did a read-a-thon with my friend. I’d love to ask him why he decided Mars would be the planet to focus on and how Darrow came to life. I’d be pretty intimidated by Darrow, the Gold, all big and bad-ass, but I would love to pick apart his brain when it comes to his strategies and his plan towards the politics in the entire Red Rising world. Oh and I’d probably ask him to borrrow his grav boots because they sound amazing and super fun.

D.J. MacHale and The Pendragon Series’ Bobby Pendragon
I would basically ask all the questions I’ve been holding ever since the series ended, and D.J. will just have to answer them. I’d love to tell how much I enjoyed the series and how wonderful and vast his worlds really are. As for Bobby, I would just sit and admire the strength and perserverance he went through and commend him for all his hard work.

Thanks Giselle for stopping by! As for everyone else- come back next week to see who’s going to be featured on the next week on the SBPT!

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