Ana Talks (Personal): College Heartbreak

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Many people believe that heartbreak is an essential part of life, it helps you grow and mature. It’s suppose to teach you something about yourself and help you realize that you can overcome anything. I experienced my first heartbreak almost a month ago and, unlike the majority of the population, I did not experience it because of a boy. A university broke my heart.

I’ve mentioned this several times on my blog: School is, and will always be, my number one priority. I’ve worked pretty hard my entire life and my mom made sure that I was always being challenged. In middle school I was a part of a pre-med program. In high school I was a part of a special program that allowed me to take all college classes on a college campus for my sophomore, junior, and senior year. I graduated with over 95 college credits! I sacrificed pep rallies, football games, homecoming, and so much to go to this abnormal school. I didn’t have an average high school experience so can you imagine how desperate I am to have an average college experience? I was literally OVERJOYED when I discovered that I received a scholarship that covered half of my tuition for my top choice university in New Jersey. I cried tears of happiness when I realized that I will have the full experience- living in a dorm, having a roommate, being able to go out whenever, and living 10 miles away from NYC put the cherry on top! My parents paid the $550 nonrefundable deposit.

Then the bomb drops. I contacted the school because I did not receive an official checklist of what classes will and will not transfer. After weeks of back and forth emails and phone calls, I get an email stating that the school will not be accepting ANY of my science credits because their nursing program was ‘too intense’, I guess that was a nice way of saying that they didn’t think that those classes were up to their level. Just to put things into perspective- I took 9-10 science classes which is about a year’s worth of work. One entire year that they won’t accept, and that wasn’t even the official checklist! My whole world crumbled, I was not going to let all of my sacrifices in high school be thrown away like that so the only logical thing was to hope that another university will still let me attend.

This is where the heartbreak part kicked in- I cried for days, maybe even a week, I even cried myself to sleep. Almost everything was a constant reminder, the acceptance letters, my graduation pictures, the Facebook group I joined. I ended up deleting my Facebook app because I added so many people that were going to that college. I didn’t want to talk to any of my family or neighbors because they always asked when I was moving. My mom even told me that I looked heartbroken a couple of times.

Like I said, almost a month has passed so I’m better now. I decided to stay at the university I went to in high school since I can keep all of my credits. I even have a game plan: I will graduate with a degree in English by next summer and then I will *hopefully* be enrolled in their accelerated nursing program. If everything goes as planned I will have both an English and nursing degree in 2-3 years! Plus, with all the money I save I’ll be going on a month long trip to England afterwards.

I guess this post was to help me let go of any residual sadness I have and to let you guys know why I’ve been so absent lately. Until next time (:

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