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SBPT 2015

Hey guys! Just wanted to welcome you to the second post of SBPT! This week is all about Kaitlin from Next Page Please‘s love for Friends and books. She has put together a WONDERFUL post so I hope you enjoy it and be sure to come back next week!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the second week of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour. My name is Kaitlin and I am the blogger over at Next Page Please! I blog about books from the fantasy to contemporary genre and post reviews, discussions, and more bookish fun! One of my obsessions (Apart from books) is Friends! I saw this show in my hotel room in Vegas and me and my cousin became so insanely addicted. I soon learned that they would be putting all 10 seasons on Netflix and within 3 weeks, I was almost done with the show. I love this show and so when I had to opportunity to do “The Friends Tag” on this wonderful blog, I took it. So here is the Friends Tag! Enjoy. 😉

“So no one told you life was gonna be this way.” 
A book you were surprised by

This book would definitely have to be Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley. When I read the synopsis to this book, I expected a sad contemporary but it was totally different. The writing was beautiful, there was so much action, the plot was so fun, and the fantasy world this book transform into is just great to read about. Definitely surprised me.

A book that had you on the floor laughing
I haven’t read many funny books but one of the books that did make me laugh was the Duff. The main character is just so hilariously sassy and the plot was kind of deep but Kody was able to keep this book funny.
A book you always want to keep clean 
All of them, is this a valid answer? If I were to choose one though, it would have to be my Legend by Marie Lu copy. I really love this trilogy and all the books are so good! One thing that is different about this trilogy is that all the books are equally as great. Not to brag but, my Legend trilogy is signed so these are books I am not about to let ANYONE touch let alone borrow.
A book you want to become a movie
If I didn’t have to choose one book, I would be able to sit here and list a whole bunch of books that are movie worthy. One book would have to be To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. (Man, that title is a big one) This book was such a cutesy contemporary and if it were turned into a movie, legit I would be so happy. The characters are great and the plot is so fun!
A book with bad reviews but you really enjoyed
Shoot, I don’t know. I haven’t read too many books that have gotten bad reviews and most of the books I have read are a 4-5 star average rating. *looks through goodreads books* Surprisingly, Siobhan Vivian’s The List was down there with 3.5 stars average rating. I really enjoyed this book because the plot was really fun and an interesting idea. A list telling who was the prettiest and ugliest girl, it was like watching a high school movie.
A book you love but can’t decide if you love it or hate it
Oi, this one is kind of easy. I’m actually really iffy about my opinion on Allegiant by Veronica Roth. It wasn’t her best work and I hated the ending but I kind of enjoyed it. Yeah, I don’t know I don’t know. I probably won’t reread it because the Divergent books (Other than the Divergent book itself) are so dang hard to read for me.
A character with major character development
Umumumum I think one person with development would have to be Gray, from the Taken trilogy. In the beginning of the trilogy, he didn’t know how to shoot a gun and reading the book, Gray has just gone through so much. It absolutely broke my heart to have to leave this trilogy and I still miss it dearly. The characters, word, characters they were all so worth the read. And may I mention, Erin’s writing is golden!
Central Perk
A book you read when you get bored
Huh, I have a huge list of books I must read so there is never a time I read a different book than my current one when I am bored. However, if I were to reread a book because I don’t have a high list of books to read it would definitely be The Lighting Thief, the first Percy Jackson book. I love that series and I think it’s time I revisit it.
A book you always see but never buy
Ohhh man this is going to take a while. Hold on, let me just choose one book! Just one from my mile long list! A book I will probably never buy or read that I see everywhere is Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige. I believe this book is a Wizard of Oz retelling where Dorothy is the antagonist. It sounds really interesting but honestly, I may never read it.
How you doing?
A book character that you love
Heheh, this one is way too hard to only choose one but one character came into mind the moment I finished reading this question. Nikolai Lantsov; the Grisha trilogy. This guy is the best. Nikolai is hilarious, sassy, brave, and just great. That’s all I could say. He is a someone you just can’t get rid of and I love that.
We were on a break!
A book you stopped reading
Basically this question is asking for a book I have DNFed. I haven’t done that to a lot of books but one of those books was The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t read this book. I disliked the way it just changed perspective and it was just so boring. I was super sad to give up on this book because of how great the plot sounded. Hopefully the movie is good because I plan on watching that…
So those were my answers to the Friends Tag! Thank you so much Ana for having me on her blog and I hope you guys enjoy the rest of the Summer Tour. 🙂

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