Review: Let’s Get Lost

lets get lost

Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Review + Experience:

This book and I have a very funny backstory. I heard about Let’s Get Lost last summer a couple weeks after it was released and fell instantly in love with the cover, however I didn’t have any money to purchase my own copy and my library didn’t have any copies. A few months later, Michelle Madow (author of The Secret Diamond Sisters series) did a simple giveaway on Instagram and I finally got my hands on this beauty. Almost two weeks ago I decided to take it with me on my road trip to BEA/BookCon since it seemed like a cute road trippy book.

I started it on the way to BEA and was disappointed with the beginning because it seemed cliche and had a bad case of insta love! However I reminded myself that it was a YA contemporary so it was bound to be cliche so I read around 50 pages before we got to New Jersey. My stay was way to hectic to continue reading so I met Adi Alsaid (many times!) during BEA and BookCon without finishing the book. Adi was really sweet andIMG_6216 super awesome, he even signed my book on the last day of BookCon when I ran into him by J.D. Netto’s booth, but then tragedy struck! I put my newly signed book in the same bag as my water and it was ruined! I was so upset, but then I decided to ‘Seize the Tuesday’ and take it as permission to ‘destroy’ the book. On the way home I underlined my favorite lines, wrote in the margins, and dog eared the scenes I loved! It felt great and strangely liberating.

On the trip back home, I was completely sucked into Leila’s adventures. Every person she came across presented new tasks and more mystery. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t a bit jealous of all the fun Leila was having- even when she was committing small crimes! The characters she meets are all young and in turmoil, but she finds a way to have a good time with them while helping them. She seemed to be presenting everyone with solutions and happy endings without revealing anything about her past. I think that was what captivated me, the need to know where Leila was going to end up. With that being said I was over the moon when I saw that she had a point of view- which was probably my favorite of the entire book. Before starting the book I was under the impression that it was a light, summery novel about a bunch of teenage kids on a road trip. Never in a million years would I have thought of the twist at the end. It was both beautiful and heartbreaking and shed a different light on Leila’s actions and words throughout the trip.

Adi Alsaid is a wonderful writer and I am so happy that I met and chatted with him. I am very excited to read his upcoming novel Never Always Sometimes which will be out this August. If you haven’t read Let’s Get Lost yet, I am begging you to do so! It’s one of my favorite books of the year!

6 thoughts on “Review: Let’s Get Lost

  1. I really loved this book! I received it as an ARC awhile back and it was one of my favorite summer reads of 2014. I remember you mentioning what happened to your book when we ran into you at BookCon! 😮 At least you took Adi’s advice and seized the day, haha. Nice post! 😀

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