Without Me Blog Tour: Denni

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Name: Hayden Alexandria Laevary
Nickname: Denni
Age: 21
Hair: black, curly
Eyes: Green
Born: upstate New York (never specified)

Welcome to the last day of the Without Me blog tour! I am beyond honored to present to you the main character of this thrilling novel- Denni! Denni is definitely one of my favorite female protagonists of all time, she is a strong, loving, and fights for what she believes in.
Without Me comes out this Tuesday, May 19th! Here’s the summary from Goodreads:
For 21-year-old Denni, there is no doubt in her mind that Amos is the one. That is until Jack manages to catch her attention. When she discovers it isn’t just a crush causing this stranger to intrude her thoughts, a secret world of mind control is unleashed around her. It is revealed that both Amos and Jack belong to a special breed of humans called Mind Breakers, and over time Denni learns that the last two years of her life have been controlled by their influence. Soon she realizes that the people she thought she knew, and the life she has most recently grown accustomed to, might not have ever been real in the first place. Her thoughts, emotions, and physical actions are all at stake. So who can she trust? This, of course, is Denni’s past. Now she is forced to retell her story from the beginning in hopes that the worst of it will never happen again.
My Review:
I actually had the opportunity to read the original version of the this book almost a year ago! At that time I mentally rated it 4 out of 5 stars, but this version is so much better. Megan did an amazing job amping up the action, suspense, and romance (wink wink :). I literally could not put the book down and recommend it to everyone, especially if you love sci-fi.
The plot of this book is definitely unique and very intriguing. It is set in the future where scientists created a type of serum that can give people the ability to control others. The scientists tested this chemical during experimental trials on children until the experiment was shut down. The kids are now adults with mind controlling abilities trying to conform in an oblivious society. Enter Denni, a ‘normal’ human who finds out that she is caught in the middle of the world of Mind Breakers. So much happens and in the end you are dying to know more.
As I’ve said in many of my reviews, character development is one of the most important qualities a book can have. If I’m honest, Denni definitely annoyed me at the beginning because she seemed to be putting her life on hold for her boyfriend (which is my biggest pet peeve). However, as the book progresses you learn why she was acting that way and witness her become a stronger character that fights for justice.
Like I said, this book is spectacular and EVERYONE needs to read it! In fact, click here to order it online. You can thank me later (:

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