Hiatus + Blog Improvements

*Blows dust off of blog*

Hey…so I’ve been gone for almost two months. The end to senior year was even crazier than I thought so I decided to take a mini hiatus and meant to announce it- but I was too busy to make that post. Since I last posted a lot of exciting things happened:

  • I went to my senior trip, which was GradBash.
  • I went to my prom

I am planning to make a couple of posts about graduation week in the near future, so watch out for that!

This past week I’ve been working on my blog, I changed the categories, updated my bio, and redid my review policy. My time away from the blog made me realize that I want to broaden my horizons and include a more diverse range of posts. This blog will still be a book blog, but I will also discuss TV shows, movies, and any personal events/discussions I wish to share. I also made a new twitter account, specifically for this blog and hope to start posting on the instagram account I made for this site awhile ago.

With so many new things coming up I will probably be busy during the summer as well, but I hope to post weekly or bimonthly. Hope you guys stick around for all the little changes (:

One thought on “Hiatus + Blog Improvements

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