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Disclaimer: There’s a reason why I don’t review movies, so consider this post more like a discussion rather than a review.

Actual Disclaimer: This post will contain movie and book spoilers!

insurgent selfieThe Divergent series is certainly taking the world by storm. If I’m correct, the second installment Insurgent made close to $200 million opening weekend! As a fan of the book series I was really concerned by the trailers and my excitement for the movie faltered. Every TV spot made me more doubtful about the movie so I stopped watching them. Nonetheless my sister and I went to the first showing yesterday to see if our (very low) expectations would be met.

My family usually attends an IMAX showing of any book to movie adaption, however the early showing didn’t have any good seats so we settled with good old Cinemark. We actually got some really cool lanyards which you can kinda see in this very filtered selfie I took.

I think it’s important for me to add that I didn’t remember the plot of Insurgent before seeing the movie. I didn’t have time to reread the book and, frankly, after hearing everyone complain that it was nothing like the book I had no desire to try. All I remembered was them hiding in Amity, the factionless scenes, and a few other random scenes/details. I also remembered that there wasn’t a box thing in the book, but we’ll get to that later.

The beginning scenes were great, I felt that they did a great job capturing the internal struggle Tris was feeling after witnessing almost everyone she loves die. I loved that they did brief flashbacks to the first movie, it added to the effect- making the viewers feel like they’re in Tris’s mind while refreshing their memory on what happened at the end of the first film.The chemistry between Tris and Four felt natural throughout the entire movie. The action scenes were intense, the simulations were spectacular, and the acting (in my opinion) was great. I was invested in the story the entire time; I was laughing, gasping, muttering ‘nonono’ under my breath, and *almost* crying. In all honesty, I LOVED the movie- however I don’t think it was a great adaptation.

When it comes to movie adaptation of books I always have 2 ‘ratings/reviews’ in my mind. I often consider books and movies like parallel universes, they’re similar but not similar enough to regard them as the same. (If that makes any sense). Movies will never be exactly like the book, so why do we expect it to be? I rarely dislike a movie, if it catches my attention and keeps me engaged- I’m happy (which is why I’d be a horrible movie critic). With that said: I really enjoyed Insurgent, it was an amazing movie that literally had my heart racing. On the other hand, it wasn’t a good adaptation. On a scale from the Beautiful Creatures movie to The Fault in Our Stars movie it was probably in the middle- so not that bad.

Like I stated earlier, I barely remembered the book but I remembered enough to be bothered by these details (which are not listed in any particular order):

  • If I remember correctly, in the book Four tells Eric to ‘be brave’ right before he kills him. I loved that small detail and was disappointed that they didn’t include that short line in the movie.
  • I’m really annoyed that Tris doesn’t call Four by his real name- Tobias.
  • The movie doesn’t allow viewers to establish emotional connections to Uriah, Marlene, Lynn, etc. Without this connection the scene where Marlene jumps to her death feels impersonal and almost irrelevant! In the book that particular scene was very emotional but in the movie I felt nothing.
  • Um, did Fourtris have sex? That’s not suppose to happen until Allegiant! Stop rushing things

The only major change I liked was the weird box thing that Jeanine was obsessed with. In the book the message at the end came out of nowhere, but the box gave it a purpose. The simulations were by far my favorite part, it was fun guessing what was really happening and what was a sim. The box also had people questioning why Tris’s parents were hiding it, which is important for the next movie.

So yeah, overall it was a good movie that I will definitely purchase. What did you guys think?

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