Review: Hopeless

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Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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Before I get to the review I have a *kinda* funny back story about this book. I have an e-version of this book; for the past year or so I’ve been collecting e-books whenever I see that they’re free/someone is doing a giveaway and I win. I never prioritized these books, I just collect them for times when I don’t have a book. Last Sunday night I couldn’t sleep- it was terrible for three hours I laid in bed feeling more and more awake with every passing minute. Eventually I gave up on trying to sleep and grabbed my phone, deciding to look for something to read. My first read was a novella I won, which I’ll be reviewing on here soon. It was a quick read that left me wanting more, so I scrolled through all of the books I had available and decided to give Hopeless a shot- and boy am I happy I did!


I’m always hesitant to read books with a lot of hype revolving around it because those books almost always disappoint. Even before I started reading books in the New Adult genre I’ve heard only wonderful things about Colleen Hoover and all of her books. The hype made be nervous, but after finishing the book I felt that it was well deserved. I started that book at 1 AM and literally could not put it down; every time I tried to go to sleep but my mind could not stop theorizing what would happen next. Hopefully my mom doesn’t read this review because I’m pretty sure she’ll be angry if she found out that I didn’t sleep at all that night. I was so  invested in the story that the only thing that made me stop reading was my alarm alerting me that I had to start getting ready for school. At that point I had read approximately 75% of the book, so I was very unhappy that I didn’t get to finish before my alarm. I read while eating and on the train to school, I read in between classes and whenever the professors had to set up their lectures. I finally finished the book around 1:30 in the afternoon, almost 13 hours after starting. It was a beautiful, chilling story and I needed more.

As I’m sure you can guess, the plot was gripping. There wasn’t a boring moment throughout the entire book. Colleen Hoover did an extraordinary job crafting a story that seemed to be heading one direction, but takes a sudden turn into a much darker road. The emotions were real and appropriate, one thing I hate in books is unnecessary arguments/mood swings between characters, but everything in Hopeless was realistic which I really appreciated. The plot twists were definitely unexpected, although I did guess a few of them moments before the discovery was made. I really enjoyed it and have already recommended it to my friend.

This book also taught me something useful about myself- I can function for at least 36 hours without sleeping! My mom never suspected a thing (;

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