Event Recap: 16 Hot YA Authors for 1 Night Only

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Last week Thursday I went to one of the best multi-author book events I’ve ever attended….okay it was the only multi-author book event I’ve ever attended (excluding the one I hosted). Since it was a mission to attend I decided to post about the day’s events and share all of my pictures!

I first found out about the event in January when Tonya Kuper, the author of Anomaly, tweeted me saying that she was going to an event in Florida. Morgan and Fallon from Seeing Double in Neverland were organizing an event in Ft. Meyers, which is three hours away from where I live. At first it seemed like I wasn’t going to be able to go, my Dad works and my mom can’t drive long distances. However, my aunt- who’s been super supportive of my reading and blogging obsession, decided to take me. Here’s the thing, my aunt lives in Naples so she lives two hours away! My wonderful Titi woke up super early, left her house at 7:30 am with her 3 year old granddaughter and drove two hours to pick me up. I still cannot believe she went through all that trouble for me <3

Paco the alligator

During the drive we stopped at a rest stop to visit an alligator named Paco. My aunt told me that every time she drives home from visiting us she stops to see him. I’m 99% sure that that was the closest I’ve ever been to an alligator.

Me and the toddler

After visiting Paco the alligator, we drove straight to Naples chatting about cars, colleges, and reassuring the toddler that we loved her. When we finally got to Naples we went to McDonalds to refuel before going to my cousin’s (my aunt’s daughter) apartment so we can drop off the toddler and so I can meet the newest addition to the family!

Me cautiously holding the baby

My cousin had another daughter three weeks before, so I was super excited to meet her! Due to the distance between us I barely see her and since I’m leaving for college in the fall I know that every moment counts. Meeting the baby was so weird because I realized that I’ve never seen a human that young. I met the toddler for the first time when she was around three months so this was different! My first thought when I held her was ‘Wow she’s really soft’, which was quickly followed by ‘ohmygod she’s so fragile, what am I doing? Am I holding her right? Am I going to break her?’ I’m pretty sure you can see those those thoughts expressed on my face in this picture. Babies are super cute and this one was very sleepy, I’m happy I got to meet her (:

Me and my Titi
Christina, me, and Amy

After an hour or so we say goodbye and head over to the Barnes and Noble where the event was taking place. It was about an hour drive so I took a selfie with my Titi and was glued to Twitter to see if anyone arrived early. When we did get there my aunt purchased three books for me and my sister and I started chatting with Christina Farley and Amy Parker, two authors that attended my event last year. When they left to set up I took that chance to go to the bathroom and freshen up (hey I’m a girl and I didn’t want to have smudged eyeliner!). On my way out I was thinking ‘How funny would it be if I ran into Tonya here?’, I then opened the door and- I kid you not- there was Tonya! We both screamed and hugged and frankly I don’t remember what I said to her because all I was thinking was ‘OHMYGOD’!

Me and Tonya

I returned to my seat and told my aunt about bumping into Tonya and she offered to buy me Starbucks (Best. Aunt. Ever!). While she was gone a lady with HP leggings and a HP shirt started talking to me. She looked familiar and after a couple minutes of chatting she introduced herself as Jamie Ayres, I almost face-palmed myself! Jamie is the author of 18 Things, a trilogy I really want to read. She was super sweet and really funny! I found out that she went to UCF and told her how I was accepted  there; she told me to find her on social media so she can see where I end up. I may be romanticizing the conversation but I think she wants to hear from me in the future…yeah totally romanticizing it. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture with Jamie, but I’m sure I’ll meet her again!

Okay now to the actual panel and signing! The girls from Seeing Double in Neverland did a fantastic job! Not only were they able to grab 16 wonderful and diverse authors, but they also kept the attendees entertained from start to finish. The panel was hilarious, it really captured the personalities of each and every author. Every author was fun and interesting and by the end of the panel I was heart broken that I couldn’t buy all the books! Even though I couldn’t afford to buy every book I did bring a writing journal with me. My intention was to have all the authors sign it so it can inspire me to continue to write! Honestly, I was scared-and a bit embarrassed- to ask the authors to sign the journal, but they were all really supportive of the idea and left really sweet messages!

In the end I walked out with a journal full of signatures and five signed books. My aunt got Silvern by Christina Farley for my sister and Invaded by Melissa Landers and Paper or Plastic by Vivi Banes for me. I ended up buying Charming by Krystal Wade as well because it sounded unlike anything I’ve read before. The last book I got signed was Pretty Girl- 13 by Liz Coley which I already owned! I had such a blast at the event and wish I could relive it all over again! I totally fangirled when meeting Tonya and Melissa so hopefully I can meet them both again. Here are some more pictures:

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