Graphic Novel Review: The Lost Hero

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the lost hero graphic novel

The Lost Hero Graphic Novel by Rick Riordan

Illustrated by Nate Powell

Adapted by Robert Venditti

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Before beginning this review I have something to admit…before this book I’ve never read a graphic novel! I was never interested in graphic novels because I associated them with comic books so I thought they were going to be super long series. Yeah….not that smart. However, lately many bloggers and booktubers have been obsessing over them so I decided to give it a shot! For Christmas I got my sister the graphic novel version of The Lost Hero since she loves Rick Riordan. After finishing The Blood of Olympus, I became nostalgic and decided to revisit the beginning of the series by reading the graphic novel.

I really enjoyed this book for many reasons; one – it refreshed my memory on many details of the first book in the series, two – it was really pretty to look at, and three – it was a new and exciting way to experience one of my favorite books. The pictures were amazing and incredibly detailed, it took me almost a week to finish the book because I would spend an unnecessary amount of time soaking in the different aspects of each picture. I loved how some of the more dramatic scenes had a page or two to itself, which added to the effect. It was really cool to see how close I envisioned certain objects, but I disliked how the main characters looked. I’m no artist, but I felt that the characters were to sharp. I imagined some of them having rounder faces but almost every character was all angles. Other than that the artwork was beautiful!

I knocked off a star for one reason only. Although I understood everything that occurred in the book, I felt that those who never read The Lost Hero could have easily been lost. Understandably many scenes were cut, but because of these missing scenes a person who hasn’t read the full book would not understand certain decisions and situations. For that reason I would only recommend this book to those who have read and enjoyed The Lost Hero.

Since my first graphic novel was a good one I’m going to try and explore more of them! Next time I pick up a graphic novel I will choose an original one, one that doesn’t have a full length novel to accompany it. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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