2015 Reading, Blogging, and Personal Goals!

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It’s week two of 2015 and I still can’t shake off the feeling that this year is going to be even better than last year! I have so much to look forward to, such as graduation turning 18, and starting college as an actual college student!! I wanted to share some goals I have for this year and some events that I’m hoping to attend.

Reading Goals:

  • Read 70 books – I decided to push myself this year by trying to read 70 books even though I have to primarily focus on my studies. However, if it seems like too much, I won’t beat myself up if I don’t complete it.
  • Read a few classic books – Since I don’t go to a traditional high school, I’ve never been required to read a classic. Although most people consider me lucky, I feel that I’m missing out (especially when people make references) so I’m going to try to read a few.
  • Read a graphic novel – I’ve always wanted to read a graphic novel, so my goal is to read one that is based on a book I’ve read and one original graphic novel. I cannot wait for this new experience!
  • Read different genres – I still plan on reading primarily YA, but I want to start reading different sub-genres such as historical fiction and steam punk vs the usual fantasy and dystopian. I also want to start reading some more New Adult, but some of the tamer ones first
  • Read more books than I receive – I think this one is going to be easy since I don’t often buy books and I don’t plan on requesting any this year, however I still want to make this a priority because my TBR is getting ridiculously large.
  • Only read books I own – This will be the most difficult since I love the library, however, if I want to kill my TBR I have to make this sacrifice. I will give myself an exception though, if a new book comes out and it is part of a series I have already started reading then, and only then, I will check it out from the library.

Blogging Goals:

  • Site Makeover – Being completely honest I absolutely hate how my site looks, I feel like it doesn’t represent who I am and no matter how many times I change the theme I still despise it. I plan on changing this by hiring my author friend J.D. Netto to work his magic. I am currently trying to put my vision to words so I can see how much it will cost.
  • Blogging Schedule – I am not a huge fan of weekly memes because I don’t stick to them, but I do want to start some type of schedule. If you’ve been following me for awhile you know how I post randomly, sometimes I won’t post for an entire month and other times I post everyday for a week. My goal is to get in the habit of posting often. I plan to do so with baby steps, first I will try to blog once a week- even if it isn’t book related. When that becomes easy, I’ll start posting twice a week, then three times, and so on until I’m posting everyday!
  • Different Posts – Even though I created this website with the expectation of it being strictly a book blog, I realized that I wanted to expand my horizons a bit. Yes this site will be primarily about books and book reviews, but I would like to add more about my life. For example, I would like to post about my experience applying to colleges and scholarships. I also want to start to start writing about TV shows, events I go to, and even some of my favorite recipes! So you may be getting a more diverse feed from me soon (:
  • Promotion – I’ve always said that I blog for myself, of course I’d like to have a decent amount of followers but I don’t make that a priority. In other words, I don’t blog because I want more people to follow me. However, I really want to start a new ‘series’ on my blog, but I need active followers for it to work out. With that being said, I’m going to put more effort in promoting all of my posts on twitter, Facebook, and instagram. I’m also going to invest in business cards!
  • Organization – This could also tie into the makeover category, but I wanted to make it a point to go through all of my posts and rearrange their categories. Right now my blog is a hot mess, so I’m aiming to tidy it up and make it easier to navigate. I also want to add a new page where I list all of the unread books I own so it can motivate me to read more!

Personal Goals:

  • Learn how to cook – I know how to make pancakes, waffles, and sandwiches (excluding desserts). Since I am *hopefully* going out of state for college I’m going to have to learn how to make different food because I don’t want to eat peanut butter and jelly all day everyday. Some dishes I want to learn are lasagna, any type of chicken, and french toast.
  • Exercise – Now I know that you think that this is such a cliche goal, but I’ve never made exercise a goal of mine. In fact, exercise was never really a priority for me. However, I want to be strong and be able to defend myself if the moment ever presents itself. I’m going to take things slow by just starting with morning walks/jogs and then work my way up to actual workouts.
  • Write More – I want to make writing a priority in my life, whether it’s through journaling or through creating a novel. I’m so rusty and it drives me crazy! I hope to brush up on my skills before NaNoWriMo so I can participate and win(:
  • Receive more A’s than Bs – This is my last semester in senior year so I’m striving to make it my best grade-wise. The ultimate goal is to get all A’s but if I get one or two B’s I’ll be okay with that as well.
  • Review every book I read – I didn’t put this under blogging goals because, like I said, my blog will no longer be solely bookish. As a challenge to myself I want to review every book I read on this site, which will be difficult since I usually don’t post reviews to books I didn’t thoroughly enjoy.

Well that’s all! This was a long post, if you’ve read all of it thanks so much(: Comment some of your goals/resolutions for 2015, I’d love to hear!

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