Week 10, Day 5: #10InfiniteWeeksLiveShow

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It is day FIVE of week ten and today’s post will be both a video and a tiny discussion. I just logged off of the #10InfiniteWeekLiveshow with Megan and Jaclyn, who is a fellow book blogger. We discussed the upcoming release of Infinite Limits, what the series mean to us, and much more! If you’d like to watch check it out below (: *Warning- there are spoilers for Small Circles, Three Sixty, and Ninety Degrees in the video

I also wanted to talk about Megan. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with Megan, but if you have you know how amazing she is. This past year has been best year of my life and the highlight of this year was getting to read Small Circles and getting to know and meet Megan.

Most authors value their readers, some make it a priority to interact with their readers on a daily basis, Megan goes above and beyond for us. Not only does she truly appreciate our support, she supports us! Whenever one of her readers reaches out asking for advice she takes time out to talk to him/her and makes sure everything is okay. When I texted her about an idea I have (which I will start working on soon:) she encouraged me to follow through and volunteered to help out. It amazes me how someone can be so involved in her readers’ lives AND manage to write four amazing books!

Now I do realize that many authors may not have the time to be so invested in their readers’ lives. I’m just saying that Megan is truly inspiring. I look up to her and hope I can accomplish at least half as much as her when I’m in my twenties.

So if you haven’t picked up Small Circles yet do it now, so you’ll be able to understand what an amazing fandom it is.

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