Week 10, Day 3: My Predictions for Infinite Limits

Hey guys! Today’s post is going to list a few predictions I jotted down before reading Infinite Limits. Disclaimer: These predictions may spoil Small Circles, Three Sixty, and Ninety Degrees so read at your own risk.

Based off of what Megan hinted so far here’s what I think:

  • There will be major drama- probably between Paxton and Jade since they were having some trouble in Three Sixty
  • Hopefully some cute moments between Larson and Silas
  • A HUGE scene where the characters from Ninety Degrees meet the characters of Small Circles
  • Something heart breaking- I don’t know what it is but I know it’s in there
  • A happy ending- maybe. I feel that Megan always leave her books on a somewhat happy note…even though Owen dies in the end of Small Circles, she shows the others make peace with his death (which I consider a happy note)

Remember that Infinite Limits will be released NEXT WEEK on December 16th! Until then comment below what you think may happen (:

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