The Maze Runner Review: Greenie vs Glader

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I’m finally doing a movie review! A few weekends ago I watched The Maze Runner, which was adapted from James Dashner’s book. I do have a confession- I haven’t read it. I know, I know what type of book lover doesn’t read the book before the movie?! Unfortunately school tends to get in the way of fun things like reading and blogging so I didn’t get around to it 🙁 HOWEVER, I didn’t want to cheat you of a review that compares the book to the movie so my sister is going to put her two cents in about the movie. I’m the Greenie (newbie) and she’s the Glader (expert), hence the title! Note: There will be spoilers in the Glader review!

Greenie Review:

Prior to watching the movie I was pretty clueless as to what I should expect. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the books- some people love them while others loathe them so I was hesitant to read the book. Because I chose not to read it before watching the movie (I know, that’s practically a sin in the fangirl religion) I went into the movie only knowing that there’s a maze, a girl, and Dylan O’Brien.

Here’s one thing I learned while watching this movie- never EVER watch a movie without reading the book first. I was hyperventilating almost every five minutes scared because I didn’t know what was going to happen to the characters I have grown to love within a two hour period. This movie was a-MAZE-ing (I know bad joke, but I can’t resist)! There was never a dull moment. The acting was great and I was engrossed throughout the entire movie. Not once did I get bored or wondered how much longer was it going to take to end. I was constantly trying to figure out what was going to happen next or I was curled up in my seat hoping nothing bad was going to happen.

So from the eyes of someone who never read the book- this movie was fast-paced, exciting, and engaging. I definitely recommend watching it while it’s still in theaters.

*It also made me want to read the books, which is another plus!

Glader Review:

Original Glader here! Hey guys, *awkward wave* this is Ana’s sister, Bianca, and I will be doing a review comparing the book and movie for her since she didn’t get to read the book prior to watching the movie (cough, cough, shank, cough.) To start off, I would like to say that I absolutely loved the way the director Wes Ball portrayed the story in the movie. There were a few changes that he made that did help the story move along faster, but a few others that I will mention later that sort of bugged me. On a scale faithfulness to book (Percy Jackson being the worst, Catching Fire being the best) I rate this movie a Divergent. This movie was contains great humor, terrifying grievers, great Newtmas moments (my ultimate brotp next to Thominho), so much action, and bucket-loads of tears when a certain someone dies (*sOBS*)

But without further a due, here are some things from the book that I missed in the movie:

Telepathy– Thomas and Teresa had absolutely no way of communicating with each other telepathically. This wasn’t even mentioned in the slightest in the movie. Before I watched the movie I knew that James and Wes both discussed this special ability that Thomas and Teresa shared and decided to leave that detail entirely out of the book. I’m not going to lie, I was really disappointed when I found this out, why would they leave out something that contributed so much in the first two books? So upon entering the theater to watch the movie, I was so nervous that this will throw the whole story line off course. To my surprise, the movie did really well without this.

Minho, Frypan, and other Favorite Sass Masters– I realize that Minho’s character didn’t really get to shine in The Maze Runner, but I was pretty bummed out that my favorite character wasn’t incorporated as much in this movie as I originally expected, I really missed his sassy remarks, and witty comebacks throughout the duration of the film. I also wasn’t all that pleased with how Frypan was excluded from most of the movie. I don’t even recall anyone even calling him Frypan (They just referred to him as Fry) and unless you’ve read the books than you will not catch that he was in charge of the kitchen.

Chuck, Death, and Endings– Throughout the movie, everything was fairly accurate until the gladers decided to go on the trek through the maze to jump through the griever hole (which wasn’t even a hole in the movie:/) once this happened the rest of the movie became very inaccurate in an accurate way. What I mean by that is everything that was supposed to happen, did happen, it just didn’t play out quite the same way as it did in the book. For example, Chuck’s death, it happened, but not the way it did in the book. Instead of having a knife being thrown at him, Chuck was shot, and Thomas didn’t beat the klunk out of Gally afterward, instead Minho finished him off by impaling him with a spear. Normally, inaccuracies like this don’t bother me, but is Gally going to be able to make his appearance in The Death Cure? I mean it’s pretty hard to be brought back to life once you’ve been speared in the heart.

 Don’t let these few inaccuracies get in the way of watching the movie (if you haven’t already). Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and cannot wait for The Scorch Trials! Well, this was my glader review, hope you guys enjoyed:) -Bianca

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