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Well….that was an unexpected hiatus. I was hoping to never do anything like this, but everything happens for a reason right? You’re most definitely wondering what consumed so much of my life to make me stop posting. I’ll be honest, school is definitely a b!tch- but right now it is my number one priority, so despite how much it makes me want to strangle myself, I will (sadly) always put school before reading and blogging. For those of you who don’t know, which is most likely 99% of you, I go to a special high school that allows me to take college courses for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. No I am not taking AP or AICE courses, I am literally on a university campus everyday for every one of my classes. I am in classes sitting among college students being taught by a college professor. So yea, it’s a lot of work but it’s so worth it in the end it is totally worth it, that’s why I haven’t been blogging (or reading!) much lately.

Although I haven’t posted in a month, I have been thinking about this blog a LOT. Since I haven’t been reading as much as I usually do, I was becoming concerned that I will have nothing to post about when I did finally post. I’ve also been debating whether to start up a personal blog to record random things, like TV shows, music, recipes, my opinions about current events, etc. I finally decided that I am going to add all of those topics to this blog. This means that I will *hopefully* be posting almost everyday of the week about books AND TV shows AND recipes AND music and much more. What made me decide this? Well this blog is named Ana Loves… for a reason, I wanted to share everything I’m passionate about in one platform. Although I’m still going to be posting mostly about books there will be much much more!

I also want to share that I am also reviewing on Once Upon A Twilight, which is another website that reviews books, participates in blog tours, and more. No, I am not an official blogger, but I am happy with my position on the blog. I am sent books via Kindle to read and review, I then send my review to Leydy (who is really sweet and is an official blogger). She posts my review and then I do a little happy dance that my opinion is being read by thousands of people. Another thing I love is that I am allowed to post another review here! So you guys are going to see a few ‘I was asked to review this for OUAT’ in the future. In addition to reviewing for OUAT, I am still working for Bookinity– a website dedicated to reporting the latest page to screen adaptations. I would really appreciate if you guys head over to both of those websites and show a little love (:

Okay last thing and I’m done. I am happy to announce that I DO have some posts scheduled!!! Although I’m not very happy with the way my site looks now- I am going to continue posting. Yes I realize I said this a month ago in my last post, but this time it is true. I’m most likely going to pay someone to make this site look pretty, but until then enjoy the reviews and discussions I have lined up!

This isn’t the last of me!


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