Excuses, Excuses

Posted September 4, 2014 by Ana Love in All Posts, Ana Talks, Personal Talks / 0 Comments

Hey guys!

I’m sure that my dedicated followers have noticed my lack of posts and I’m truly sorry about that. I’m in the midst of giving my blog a makeover and fixing some of my older posts because yours truly managed to delete all the pictures from every post I’ve ever made…only me. On top of that idiotic mistake, I have to start focusing on school and I also need to continue posting on Bookinity (which I love guys, check it out whenever you can!)= ooh and I may have gotten a new blogger job, I’m not going to say anything yet until it’s a for sure thing though.

On the bright side I have two more book reviews coming your way, along with some tags, and discussions! Please stick around while I try to figure out my new schedule so I can post more often. Love ya guys!