Blogger Promo Tour Stop 8: Endlessly Reading

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This week I have Andrew from Endlessly Reading! He’s going to talk to us about the top five authors he would freak if he met!
Hello everyone, my name is Andrew and I am a Fanboy! I am also a BookTuber and Book Blogger. You can find my channel and blog here:

Hello my name is Andrew and welcome to my BookTube! Looking for the next book to read, reviews, and fun bookish things? This is THE place! Join me as i…
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Bookish reviews, guest posts, fancasts, and all great bookish things!
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I am also an aspiring writer and would love if you checked out some of my works here:
Andrew (Roxsas14) – Wattpad

Andrew (Roxsas14) – Wattpad
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My top 5 authors i would freak out if i met would be the following:
1. Veronica Roth
I would SPAZ OUT when i meet Veronica Roth. I will be all smiles and shy, it would feel like an awesome giddy dream. I am a HUGE Divergent fan and i would be a total dork if i ever met Veronica Roth. Hopefully my dream comes true soon and i can finally meet her. *input dreamy emojii face* Hahahha
2. Rick Riordan
I was doubtful at first when The Lightning Thief came out. I remember it was a difficult time for me and was probably just put off by everything, but then i received it for a present and read the series in a week! I was NOT a fan of the movies, but i watched them anyway to show my Percy pride. Hopefully i meet him soon a do a small interview and well, i can see the interview happening in my head.
3. A.S. King
Ask the Passengers is my favorite book, EVER at this very moment. I absolutely love King’s writing style and what she writes about is so real. Real issues, real setting, real characters that i have fallen in love with. When i meet A.S. King, personally i would give her a big hug and gush all about her books!
4.Nikki Kelly
Author of the soon to be book Lailah, in book stores everywhere October 7th, 2014, from Macmillan’s Feiwel & Friends. All i have to say about Nikki is that she is the SWEETEST, AWESOMEST, COOLEST, British person i will ever meet. Lailah rocked Wattpad in six months with over a million reads! Wish Fierce Reads tour was coming to Cali, because i would hang all night with Nikki until the tour night ended. Check out Lailah here:
Lailah (The Styclar Saga, #1)

The girl knows she’s different. She doesn’t age. She has no family. She has visions of a past life, but no clear clues as to what she is,…
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And find Nikki on Twitter here:
Nikki Kelly (Styclar) på Twitter

Det seneste fra Nikki Kelly (@Styclar). Debut series #Styclar Book1: #LAILAH due from Feiwel & Friends Oct14 ‘You only fail if you never try.’ #dreamer #…
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5. Stephan Chbosky
Author of the amazing book The Perks of Being a Wallflower, about an emotionally troubled freshman, and real life. I read this in seventh grade for fun and really enjoyed it. The writing style was original and now that i’m a freshman, i understand a lot more of the themes encountered in this story. If i were to meet Stephan, i would probably come up with a series of questions and take an insanely amount of photos with him. Still waiting on another book Stephan……
Thanks for having me on your blog Ana!
-Andrew 😀