YA Mania Author Interview: Meredith McCardle

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This post is all about one of YA Mania’s featured authors, Meredith McCardle!

Before creating YA Mania, I only knew Meredith (but she didn’t know me) because I was looking up events that were near by house. Meredith’s book release party for The Eighth Guardian came up as one of the search results so I looked her and her book up on Goodreads. After reading the summary of the book, I was immediately intrigued and had full intentions of attending the book release party, but I couldn’t. That didn’t stop me from inviting her to the invite and thankfully Meredith enthusiastically agreed! I was finally able to read her book recently (check out my spoiler free review here) since a friend let me borrow her book. I absolutely loved it and cannot wait to purchase my own copy this Saturday!


Here’s Meredith’s official Goodreads bio:

Meredith McCardle is a recovered lawyer who lives in South Florida with her husband and two young daughters. Like her main character, she has a fondness for strong coffee, comfortable pants, and jumping to the wrong conclusions. Unlike her main character, she cannot travel through time. Sadly. Her debut, THE EIGHTH GUARDIAN, will be published by Skyscape/Amazon Children’s in Spring 2014.

It’s time for the exclusive interview!

Q: In your bio you mention how you studied journalism and theatre, then switched to law and became a lawyer, and then after having your first kid you decided to become a full time writer. What is your advice to people who are in college and aren’t studying in the field that they love? Do you believe in having a ‘back up’ plan?

A: I definitely think it’s important to love what you do. You don’t have to love it every second of every day, but overall, it should be something that feels meaningful and worthwhile. If you’re still in college and you just know deep down that you’re studying the wrong field, I would highly recommend switching while it’s still easy to do so. Or at least taking a long, hard look at switching.

But I’ll also say that, as far as writing goes, it’s a pretty easy field to get into on a part-time basis. For years I was a /writer. As in a student/writer and a lawyer/writer. It’s hard to find the time, but if it’s something you really want to do, you *will* find the time!

Q: What is one book you can read an infinite amount of times, but never tire of?

A: The entire Harry Potter series. I can’t even count how many times I’ve read those.

 Q: As an author and a mom, do you ask your kid(s) to read your work? If so what were their reactions? 

A: My kids are still pretty young. They’re 4 and 1. So a bit too young for my book! But making sure that both of them build a strong relationship with books is high on my list of priorities as a mom.

Q: Would you prefer The Eighth Guardian to be a TV series or a movie? Who would you cast as Amanda/Iris?

A: I think it’s best suited for a movie, no doubt. And it’s funny, I get the Iris casting question all.the.time, so you’d think I’d have an answer by now, but I don’t. My only wish would be that casting directors stay true to Iris’s diverse ethnic background in making their decision and not turn her into, say, a hot blonde.

 Q: What sparked your love for writing?

A: Probably the fact that books were an important part of my childhood. My mom was an early childhood educator, so she understood the value of reading to children. Having my imagination sparked by reading at such an early age definitely influenced my desire to write.

Thanks for stopping by Meredith! Anyone who can stop by YA Mania should definitely pick up Meredith’s book The Eighth Guardian!