I Met Chris Colfer!

This past Sunday I had the incredible honor of meeting Chris Colfer, the author of The Land of Stories. He’s better known as Kurt from Glee! It was an amazing and unforgettable experience that I will cherish forever. I’ll walk you through the day! *Warning: This post will be mostly pictures and me gushing

The event was in Coral Gables which is an hour away from my house and started at 11, so me and my sister got up at 7 am to get ready. After eating, showering, and all that jazz we woke up our dad and left the house. On our way there I took an obligatory car selfie via Snapchat:



After almost getting lost, we managed to find Books & Books. Of course there wasn’t any parking nearby so we had to pass the store and holy smokes the line was already down the street and there was 30 minutes to go! My sister grabbed a spot while I ran inside to grab two books from the store. After buying the books I rejoined my sister in line and took this picture of the line:



We then waited around 45 minutes outside, in the hot, burning sun, before FINALLY getting inside the store. I thought that as soon as we got in the store we would meet him, but no. The line wrapped around the entire store, but the wait was totally worth it! I got to meet Chris Colfer. I’ve never met a celebrity before so I totally froze up, which I’m really mad about! I wanted to ask him questions about publishing books and his experience and if I can speak with his publicist, but instead I blanked out. All I got out was “Hi” and “How are you”. That’s all. Oh well better luck next time! Here are pictures of Chris and the books:

photo 1(2)

photo 2(2)


I cannot wait to read and review his books. Thanks for reading!

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