Review: E-ARC of Sisters of Wind and Flame

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Yay, another review! As you all probably know by now, I’ve been reading Awakening Foster Kelly for the past three weeks now but haven’t had a chance to finish it due to all the craziness in my personal life.

A couple of days ago I was going through my feed on twitter and saw that Jennifer Ellision was looking for bloggers to read and review her prequel short “Sisters of Wind and Flame”

Of course I couldn’t resist this opportunity! I decided to take a break from my current read and asked Jennifer if I could read/review it and I’m so happy I decided to!

sisters of wind and flame

Sisters of Wind and Flame  is a short prequel to Threats of Sky and Sea. Here’s the blurb from Goodreads:

Once, Lady Katerine was simply Ekaterina. Once, she was not a countess, but a girl who cleaned fireplaces. And once, she had a sister…

Short and sweet, but very mysterious. Now you understand why I just HAD to read it! Basically it’s about a girl who lives in a world where at the age of 17 people can get powers. These people are called Elementals and the powers can vary from air, fire, and more!

I really loved this story and rated it five out of five stars! The story was fast paced and really interesting. The world the Jennifer created was exquisite, I was particularly fond of how she described the Elementals. Their abilities were realistic; for example, if you had the element of air then you will be able to heal someone who has fluid in their lungs.

Ekaterina aka Katerine was a complicated character, but I loved her nonetheless. She was so real! In the beginning of the story she was debating whether or not to buy bread and eat it all or to bring it home to share with her ill mama and sister. Her decision really made her ‘real’ to me because it shows that she has flaws just like everyone else. Her character develops in an unexpected way, but it was really intriguing being inside her head!

All in all, I really enjoyed this short and CANNOT wait to get my hands on Threats of Sky and Sea. Unfortunately I may not be able to get it until my birthday in August *cries* but when I do, you can expect a review for that as well!

Until next post!

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