It’s Here: City of Heavenly Fire!

I’m sure you guys are all aware that the final installment of The Mortal Instruments series was released yesterday, May 27, 2014. I am a HUGE fan of the TMI series and I’m stoked, but scared to finish this series. City of Heavenly Fire might ruin me….okay let’s be real, it will be the end of me, but in all honesty that’s ok because no matter what this series will always have a special place in my heart.

I pre-ordered COHF in February using my dad’s amazon account since he has Amazon Prime (which guarantees that the book will arrive the same day it is released). Yesterday I decided to honor the end of this fabulous trilogy by wearing my black shirt that says Shadowhunter on it with black shorts (I would have gone all out and wore long pants, combat boots, and a faux leather jacket but I live in Florida so that wasn’t going to happen). I also drew a mini angelic rune on my wrist. Here is a pic I snapped:

photo 3

When I got home around two, I was hoping to find a package on my bed with a beautiful (and large) book inside, but that didn’t happen. I kept running to the window every time I heard a car pass by to see if my package was coming, but I always walked back empty handed. Finally, at 5:30, there was a knock on my door! I ran and got my package, ripped it open, and found my book in there! It was so perfect. Of course I couldn’t read it right then and there, but don’t worry guys I’m going to start VERY soon!

photo 1

So if I’m not on for awhile, you know why! Expect a review soon, good luck shadowhunters!

Until next post!

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