Happy Book Birthday + Review: Ninety Degrees

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Happy book birthday to Ninety Degrees!

As you all should know by now, I am completely and utterly obsessed with anything Megan Duke has written. I had the absolute honor of receiving a copy a week in advance (THANKS MEGAN!) which is why I am able to post my review the same day it’s being released. You do not need to read Small Circles before reading this book (but I suggest you do) so go and pick up a copy now! Here’s the blurb from Goodreads:

Ninety Degrees is the story behind Silas McFuller’s senior year at Chattanooga Prep. He and his best friend, Charleigh McAfee, have never cared about grades or ACT scores. Their drive stems from creativity and pushing the boundaries when it comes to the arts and the world around them. They’ve got one year left of high school, and they want to make it count. For Charleigh, that means crossing into dangerous territory alongside a rebel with a southern drawl. For Silas, it means letting go of reasoning and finally letting his true self shine. Readers of the Small Circles books know better than any that life is short, and within that small spanse of time, it’s okay to be happy.

This is another five star read for me! I swear everything Megan touches turns to perfection. It touches on some similar issues as Small Circles, but I felt that it focused more on the treatment and struggle that gay people go through than Small Circles did.

I loved the characters in this book! Charleigh and Logan were new characters, but Silas was also in Three Sixty. It was nice seeing more of Silas, it gave me a better understanding of his character and made me more compassionate towards him. When I first met him in Three Sixty I wasn’t sure how to feel about him. Don’t get me wrong, he was a great character, but I wanted to know more about him so, naturally, I was thrilled to find out that this book was all about his senior year of high school. In this book, Silas has to learn to accept his sexuality. He’s afraid to come out and he has a crush on one of the most popular boys in the school. Throughout the book, he tries to accept himself for who he really is and be happy with that.

Charleigh was another interesting character. First of all I LOVED the fact that she wasn’t as skinny as a stick. Get this..she had…CURVES! I know that’s an odd thing to be excited about but you have no idea how much it irks me that the majority of YA main female characters have ‘the perfect body’ (what does that even mean?) complete with a flat stomach and blablabla. So yes, I’m happy that she has curves and her stomach isn’t perfectly flat. She also dyes her hair a lot, I think she dyed her hair blue at one point which I did once too! Charleigh is artistic and has been looking forward to the senior art project ever since her first day of freshman year. Then she meets Tucker, a new student, and they are paired together to work on the art project. She also has to accept herself for who she is and be happy with that.

Logan and Tucker don’t have their own POV’s in this book, but they both played critical roles. Logan is Silas’s best friend and a special friend to Charleigh. He is also going through problems as well. I wish that we had more insight on Logan’s life because I often wondered what was going through his mind at certain moments. It’s the same story with Tucker. He becomes friends with Charleigh and has a sick brother. Tucker has a mysterious air around him, I was never sure what his real intentions are…in fact I’m still kind of confused about what happened in the end. I would LOVE a book with their perspectives, I think it would be very interesting to read about. *hint hint*

All in all I really loved this book. The story line was great, the characters underwent a lot of growth, and it was a really fast read! I especially loved the significance of the title. I recommend this book and Small Circles to everyone, so go buy your copy now!!!

Favorite quote from this book:

“We all follow different paths,” she enlightened him. “Sometimes they cross, and those points of intersection create moments. Each moment is part of a bigger picture.”

“What’s the picture?” he asked.

“That’s the thing I’m struggling with.”

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