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Three Sixty by Megan Duke 5 STARS
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First of all I would like to thank the author, Megan Duke, for providing me with a copy of this book! For those of you who don’t know Megan Duke is the author of Small Circles. She has provided me with a copy of Small Circles to review, which I reviewed on Fandom Source (spoiler free of course). She also did an interview there as well so I suggest that you check those out!

Three Sixty is a companion novel that takes place around a year after Small Circles. You can read it without reading Small Circles, but I highly suggest that you don’t, ESPECIALLY if you plan on reading Small Circles. Small Circles is about Jade, Paxton, Larson, and Owen’s lives as they journey through high school and their freshman year in college. Three Sixty focuses more on Larson’s sister, Audrina, and Jade’s brother, Carter, but still have the original group of friends. Here’s the blurb from Goodreads:

Three Sixty is a story about a group of friends. You may recognize two of them as the younger siblings of Larson Ashby and Jade Walbridge, but that does not mean you know them. Audrina, Paxton, and Larson meet Carter after he decides to spend the summer with his older sister Jade. Set during the summer before Audrina’s freshman year of college, over the course of those four months, the friends come face to face with jealousy, regret, freedom, and the true meaning of love. As a companion to the novel Small Circles, Three Sixty promotes the notion that it’s okay to be happy, even if you have to completely turn your life around, and start over, in order to achieve that.

I really loved this book, I’m rating it a five out of five stars! Megan Duke is incredibly talented and is becoming one of my favorite authors of all time. I’m not a huge fan of contemporary (more of a fantasy/dystopian kind of person), but Megan’s books are literally perfect. The writing style is beautiful and her books flow perfectly. I always finish them feeling satisfied, but also craving more….if that makes any sense.

Three Sixty really gave me a different perspective of Audrina’s character. In Small Circles she wasn’t a major character, but I really disliked her because she seemed like she was a trouble maker. I especially hated how she kept getting in between a couple that I especially liked! However in this book I began to understand why she acted the way she did and started to like her a little more. It’s the opposite story for Carter though. Carter wasn’t in Small Circles so he was a new character, but I did not like him AT ALL. Don’t get me wrong, when we first meet him he doesn’t seem bad, but as the book progresses I saw his true colors and instantly started to hate him. He was rude and selfish and so frustrating to read about. It was so ironic how he kept saying that he moved in with his sister so he can get away from his old life and friends, but as soon as he saw something that reminded him of his old life, he automatically drifted to it!

After struggling emotionally with the characters, I was really happy with the ending. Don’t worry, no spoilers, I’ll probably do a spoiler post in the future though! Anyways, the ending wasn’t a “and they lived happily ever after” type, but more realistic. The issues were resolved, but they were still healing, which is how life really works.

Everybody should definitely support Megan so she can write more beautiful books! Buy her books here and visit her website here! Thanks for reading!

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