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drawing amanda

Drawing Amanda by Stephanie Feur
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My first review would not have been possible if Hipso Media hadn’t provided me with an advanced copy of this wonderful book! Thank you so much Hipso Media, I really appreciate the opportunity.

Drawing Amanda takes place in an international prep school in New York. The main characters, Inky, Amanda, and Rungs, are all in their first year of ‘upper school’ or high school. Inky is still struggling to cope with his father’s sudden death and the fact that he wasn’t able to go to the art school that all his other friends went. Amanda is a new student who is trying to fit in. They both use Megaland, a website in the making, to escape, but the developer is not as friendly as he seems.

Before I dive into my review I wanted to take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this cover is….are you taking a moment? Ok good! I really have to applaud the illustrator S.Y. Lee, not only is the cover absolutely gorgeous, but the pictures inside are perfectly detailed as well. Yup, I said it, this book has pictures! Inky is an artist in the making so there are a few beautiful pictures inserted inside! If that doesn’t make you want to buy this book then I don’t know what will.

Onto the actual story, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and rated it five out of five stars on Goodreads! The characters were interesting and easy to relate to. This book switches perspectives with Inky and Amanda, but focuses primarily on Inky. Inky is an artistic kid who is struggling to cope with his father’s sudden and unexpected death. Since his dad died over a year before many people expect him to move on, but he can’t. Amanda is the new girl. Her family moves around a lot due to her dad’s job, but this time her brothers didn’t move with them. Amanda has to learn to adjust to a new school without the help of her brothers. On the first day of school, Rungs tells Inky about this new website in hopes that Inky will be able to become a part of the graphic design. He uses Amanda’s notebook to write the URL down and then tears out the page and hands it to Inky. Since the ink bled through both Amanda and Inky use the website, Megaland, to escape their reality. Inky begins to draw for the developer and begins to develop a trust for the guy he chats with. On the other hand, Amanda is a tester for Megaland and also develops a trust to the man behind the chat box, but it soon becomes dangerous!

What I really loved about this book was how the author not only points out the dangers of talking to people on the internet, but also shows how Inky and Amanda overcame their difficulties. There were also many unique elements to the characters as well, I particularly love how Inky thinks in colors!

With that being said, I definitely recommend that you all go buy the book on June 15th! After the release date I may put up a spoiler discussion about this book since there is so much I want to say, but cannot since the book hasn’t been released yet!

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