Hello World!

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Firsts are always awkward to me, first day of school, first time you meet someone, first blog post…I never really know how to introduce myself, or in this case, introduce my blog. In the past, I’ve always contemplated skipping the ‘first post’ and just get straight to writing blog posts, but then again there will be a disconnect between me and you guys. So far I know I have two readers for sure, my mom (HI MOM) and my friend Hajra, who also has a blog, but for those of you who don’t know me or my plans for this blog here’s what to expect:

Book reviews: Lots and lots of book reviews. I currently have around 25 unread books sitting on my shelf just begging to be read. I mostly read young adult books in almost every genre including, but not limited to- dystopian, fantasy, sci-fi, and contemporary. I also love small authors so you will see lots of books that aren’t well known.

Book discussions: These will be about books in general, like how I feel about certain genres or writing styles. I have a few of these planned and cannot wait to start posting them!

Movie Reviews: I won’t be posting that many movie reviews, but when I do they will most likely be book to movie adaptations. Maybe I’ll post some non-fandom related movies, I’m not sure yet

Fangirling: I may not be as hardcore as some other fangirls, but I do tend to freak out whenever I learn something awesome that has to do with the many fandoms that I am a part of. BEWARE.

Some things I may do are:

Blog tours
Author interviews
Book Hauls
Monthly Wrap-Ups and TBRs
Book tags

So yeah! This concludes my first post, I don’t think it was that awkward, do you? Hope you choose to stick around and join me on my book blogging journey. Feel free to say hi in the comments, I’d love to meet you. Until next post!

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